The rope access industry is booming. However, high-risk, high-altitude jobs, like high-rise window cleaning and multi-storey inspection and maintenance, often require complicated and cumbersome apparatus and rigging, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and, at times, risky.

Suppose something does go wrong due to extreme weather events, equipment failure, or structural damage. In that case, you may experience delays in productivity, general disruption to business, or even insurance or legal hassles.

Abseiling, also commonly known as rappelling, is a skill typically attributed to climbers, mountaineers, and emergency rescue professionals.

However, in more recent history, this unique skill of utilising ropes, anchors, and other minimalist equipment to descend vertical faces has been used in a range of industries, such as multi-storey window cleaning and building inspection and maintenance.

Rope access specialists are statistically safer, more thorough, and more cost-effective in circumstances where remote access to a multi-story building or structures exterior is required.

Rope access technicians continue to see rapid growth in their industry, seemingly faster than business automation and management software can be customised to its specific requirements. This is where JGID comes into the picture. JGID, short for Just Get It Done, is a job management software that has been optimised for rope access, high-risk and trade professionals. 

Read on to learn more about JMS job management software and how JGID can benefit a high-risk professional like a rope access specialist.

What is Job Management Software?

Job management software, or JMS for short, is a business operations program that helps you automate, manage and organise your day to day business activities. 

The more you can automate your business management, the more time you can free up for more productive activities, or more importantly, more time with loved ones and doing the things that matter most.

Running any business is complicated, and JGID job management software allows you to control and oversee all aspects of your business in one convenient application.

From keeping up with quotes to managing staff, taking payments, and even managing client and customer relations, JGID can help you streamline your business from front to back.

What makes JGID so unique?

Trying to synchronise multiple business management software platforms can be very frustrating and often do not work together. This can add hours of work and frustration to something that should be a relatively straightforward process.

Rather than endless tabbing and syncing, copying and pasting between different platforms, JGID can perform all job management tasks you require in one space.

The JGID job management software can perform tasks like:

  • Quoting and client leads
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Meetings and schedules
  • Staff management and hours
  • RFID equipment and stock movement
  • Stock keeping and inventory ordering
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Client approvals and much more

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What types of industries can benefit from JGID job management software?

Before JGID, many rope access, high-risk, and trade professionals may have had to use a number of incompatible business management software programs to run the various aspects of their day to day operations.

The JGID Job Management Software can take care of all aspects of your rope access, high-risk, or trade business with a single, simple to use and easy to integrate all-in-one job management software platform that keeps everything working and interacting in one place.

JGID job management software is ideal for all types of remote access, high-risk, and trade industry professionals, including:

No matter what sort of rope access, high-risk or specialist trade industry or sector you work in, JGID job management software can be tailored to meet your businesses unique management requirements.

Why JGID for rope access specialists?

Rope access businesses require many unique checks and balances to operate. Not just from a business aspect but also in safety and staff management.

There are always standard business operations, such as:

  • Job quotes and project management
  • Staff hours and payments
  • Tax, bookkeeping and invoicing
  • Job schedules and regular client maintenance
  • Stock and equipment management etcetera

However, rope access specialists also need to pay close attention to tracking their safety equipment and ensuring the proper inventory is booked out for the right job.

JGID can help you manage and automate aspects of your rope access business like:

  • RFID equipment tracking
  • Employee location and job status
  • Scheduled maintenance of ropes, harnesses and other vital equipment
  • Inventory movement and reordering
  • Automated invoice payments and reminder notices
  • On-site digital security access approvals and much more

With JGID’s RFID equipment tracking and staff management systems, you can be sure that the correct safety gear and equipment have been logged out for the right job via infrared scanning. You can also ensure staff all the proper security clearances and paperwork to avoid any delays on site.

You can also link critical job information for individual jobs for your technicians to access via your JGID business porthole, such as maps, photos and equipment manuals. The mobile staff management system can also help you optimise staff safety by showing who has checked in and out remotely on-site and the status of the jobs at hand in real-time.

This system also helps you automate your vital equipment maintenance scheduling, staff training and site briefing information, ensuring you meet or exceed all government-mandated SWMS, JSA and OH&S regulations and specifications.

JGID really does provide rope access specialists with an all-in-one solution for their unique business model. 

With an easy-to-use dashboard and organic user interface, this system also allows you to seamlessly link your job management software across all company devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

JGID: Dedicated high-risk and rope access job management software

JGID job management software can save you time, money, unnecessary complication and stress by automating your business management systems today with an all in one high-risk management software system tailored to your industry.

If you are ready to take your rope access or high-risk business management and development to the next level, then contact one of our expert consultants today to discuss how JGID job management software can optimise your rope access, high-risk or specialty-trade business.

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