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“These were always going to be interesting times for our industry; once the resources boom had passed and residential building peaked. The release of the latest industry forecasts illuminate a turbulent next ten years, as the Australian economy recalibrates from an extraordinary peak, with some sectors set to experience a fall in work demand of up to 40% in the coming years.”
Adrian Harrington, Chair of ACIF (Australian Construction Industry Forum)

Market changes, regulation amendments, industry preferences are just some of the factors that impact heavily on all roofing companies; however, by far the most significant factor in the health of any business is it’s ability to provide it’s services effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Financially successful roofing contractors that have survived previous market turbulence share some common attributes. They all employ sophisticated business management systems; they have established protocols that rule how they deal with common situations; and they have processes that staff are expected to follow. Industry best practice is based on these role models. JGID is the roofing industry job management software that brings our industry best practice to your business.


JGID is the roofing industry business management software that enables you to take customer data accurately and systematically even when on site and share this critical information in real time via cloud computing technology with other members of your team. It enables you to prepare quotes with unparalleled quality and scope within minutes; even when you are away from the office. These can include video your surveyor has taken of the site; drawings from the architect; load calculations from the structural engineer and DA conditions applied by the Council.

Even better, JGID has automated the process of writing SWMS, JHAs or PPPSs, it creates these WH&S documents in the matrix behind the software; along with materials and tools pick lists for the field staff and even ISO registers if you need such. If you are working with a large main contractor who uses their own bespoke forms, these too can be encapsulated within your JGID. You will always have access to the most relevant information, visible on your mobile or tablet.

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JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.