Ensuring your personal, business and client information is safe and secure is incredibly important to us. Below you will find:

  • popular security questions and answers
  • JGID technical specifications.

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01 Where is my information kept?

All your data in JGID is hosted with Amazon Web Services, a world leader in cloud hosting solutions. 

To learn more about Amazon Web Services, please see below links:

02 How do I stop other people accessing my account and viewing my data?

Your JGID account is 128-bit SSL encrypted and secured just like online banking. Only you can access your account by using your own domain name, username and password.

If you are the Admin User of your company, at any time you can change other user passwords, or disable their profile. This immediately prevents them from accessing your account.

Our Australian training staff only have access to your JGID if and when you allow them. You can disable them from access at any time, same as you would for your employees.

03 What if I don't want to use Dropbox to store and share information?

No problem at all. You don’t have to use Dropbox if you don’t wish to. All documents created in JGID can be downloaded from the site to the device you are using. They don’t need to be stored in ‘the cloud’.

04 Who can access my Dropbox?

Only you, or people you have shared specific Dropbox folders with. JGID staff have no access to your Dropbox ever, during or after training.

For more info on Dropbox security see

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