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“Heading into 2017, our industry forecast predicts significant growth in meetings and events for regions around the world. By being flexible with timing and destinations, planners can take full advantage of the current market to optimize their meetings and events and produce better results.”
Cindy Fisher, Vice President, CWT January 2017.

This only tells part of the story, because for rigging businesses to be in a position to react to market opportunities and changed client priorities yet still maximise their profits; requires sophisticated project management software. JGID is rapidly becoming the business management software of choice for our industry. It originated in the rope access and height safety industry, morphing to absorb the specific needs of the rigging market.


At implementation owners and Management can concentrate on determining their strategy and how this will be deployed over any given time period. JGID’s meticulous and thorough; automated software is then used to deploy your tactics; to expand market share; improve your cash-flow; and maximise your profits.

The ‘Achilles heel’ for many businesses is the lack of specific systems, procedures and real-time information on ‘work-in- progress.’ JGID brings the benefits of industry best practice, the capability of big business to the SME sector. Few private companies can afford the AUD $3 million invested over the 4 years it has taken to develop the sophistication, scope and speed that JGID has to offer. This is all brought to your benefit as it removes the mundane and repetitive admin burden; automates the compliance tasks; and speeds scheduling tasks; allowing Management ‘on-the- fly’ to make informed judgements rather than ‘guesstimates’.

In order to react to market opportunities you need JGID, as it shows you in an instant whether the empirical evidence of your previous contracts for this sector or that system will yield you sufficient ROI to justify the outlay. You can see if a contract is exceeding your expectations in terms of profit, man hours etc. JGID shows you at a glance whether staff are drifting off target, giving Management the time and specific information to make changes or address failings with the client or third party services provider.

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JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.