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“Many experts saw the 2016 rollout of Part 107 from the FAA as a watershed moment for the commercial drone industry as a whole. For a long time, organizations of all sizes stayed away from fully exploring UAV technology because of the hurdles and uncertainty associated with securing a Section 333 Exemption.”
Jeremiah Karpowicz Executive Editor, Commercial UAV News, January 2017

But this is only part of the picture, no matter how capable a pilot or talented a photographer or skilled a surveyor; running a successful and profitable UAV business takes systems. There are proven ways to handle administration processes; there are established procedures for ensuring growth or comparing profitability between services and market sectors. Automation of compliance processes, digitising scheduling tools and freeing admin from costs of running a fixed office are techniques applied by successful and profitable business.

JGID is our industry specialist job management software. Cloud based it can run on any platform and has no limits on the expandability from a small business of 4 or 5 people to one with multiple offices and dozens of field staff.


Professionals in oil & gas, construction, precision agriculture, process & utilities, mining & aggregates, emergency response as well as civil infrastructure are all running commercial ventures using drone technology. JGID is the common platform that enables these different sectors to make sustainable profits from the enterprise. We have applied industry best practice in these core fields to make JGID the business management software of choice for our industry.

“The growth and scope of commercial use cases has led to greater awareness around risk factors and this, coupled with companies’ general risk management procedures, means that any commercial operator who wants to be able to fulfill a variety of commercial contracts needs established and capable systems as well as insurance.”
Chris Proudlove, Senior Vice President, Global Aerospace, January 2017.

So whether your issues are night flying approvals, inter-State regulations, validating your service offerings or leveraging your market sector knowledge; you will need a powerful, industry specific, business management software, tested and approved by industry experts; the answer is JGID.

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JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.