Why Job Scheduling Software is Important for Arborists

The arboriculture industry is more complex than you might think; there is a lot of knowledge, planning and natural hazards that can derail an otherwise simple job. There are also many risks involved in the arbour industry, especially when dealing with height-risk work on tall trees and climbing botanicals.

Running an arbour business can be very complex and time-consuming, and a good arborist must have a lot of skill sets and good business nous, including:

  • Extensive knowledge of different trees, plants and other botanicals
  • Well structured OH&S and operation protocols
  • The ability to observe and isolate hazards in multiple directions
  • Effective job quoting skills
  • Time management skills
  • Job and staff management organisation
  • Equipment tracking and maintenance protocols
  • Bookkeeping skills and much more

For a job that sounds simple in nature, it is quite the undertaking and not for the fainthearted.

If only there were an all-in-one job management software program designed for high-risk industries like arboriculture. Well, thanks to JGID, there is. Read on to learn more about JGID.

Custom job management software

JGID, short for just get it done, is a complete job management software program for high-risk industries such as height safety work like arborists. Before JGID, many arborists and high-risk workers, like rope access technicians, required multiple business management programs to run their business.

These software programs could include systems for :

  • Quoting
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets and staff payments
  • Equipment management
  • Bookkeeping and more

Often, these software systems could not be integrated or linked, costing hours of extra time for business owners and making it difficult to keep track of all business parameters.

JGID has been designed and developed with research and liaising with members of the high-risk work community, creating an all-in-one job and equipment management software that can be tailored to the needs of high-risk business operators like arborists.

JGID job management software: Just Get It Done

JGID is a front-to-back job management program that can take care of every aspect of your high-risk businesses, like arborists, whether you are a pair of garden clean-up professionals or a team of 100-arboriculture rope access specialists taking down giants.

From initial quoting to tenders, on-site approvals, to equipment management software, JGID has all the business management tools necessary to just get it done.

Manage with ease, get on-site training, and work from anywhere with JGID

Arborist business software

Arborists spend much of their time on-site, making JGID the perfect job management software program to manage your whole business remotely with ease.


The JGID dashboard gives you a helicopter view of your entire business, with intuitive controls and an easy to follow graphic user interface (GUI). As a remote arborist, you can access every part of your business from any remote smart device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Examples of operations you can make from the JGID dashboard include: :

  • Active jobs and staff activities
  • Active quotes and opportunities
  • Completed and outstanding invoices
  • Completed current and future tasks
  • Incoming and outgoing equipment
  • Stock levels
  • Staff hours and wages
  • Scheduled audits and more

This program can be accessed by all authorised team members and updates in real-time, giving you unprecedented remote control of your daily operations with one program.


On-site and remote quoting has never been more accurate, reliable or streamlined with JGID job management software. Estimators can quote accurately every time, with all data funnelled into one system working in sync with your inventory and equipment, ensuring no misquotes and no customer guarantees that get overlooked.

Client approvals

The ability for JGID to receive online approvals means you can quote and have the customer sign off on-site. Once the quote is finalised, a copy of the invoice with detailed job descriptions is sent to all concerned parties.

If the tender is accepted, the foremost authority can sign either on your staff’s device on-site or remotely via a smart device, and work can begin on schedule.


JGID’s scheduling system features a drag and drop system that makes it easy to plan your daily operations, with real-time updates of your staff’s daily movements and workload.

Our scheduling program gives you a bird’s-eye view of your daily business operations, such as:

  • The scope of work
  • Equipment checks and pick lists
  • Job hazard analysis reports
  • On-site contacts and job information
  • The allocated job times and more

This comprehensive and easy to understand scheduling system can save hours of lost time and stress by streamlining your daily workflow.

Staff management

If you are self-employed and running a small arborist business, then staff management may be as easy as just getting to the job punctually. However, if you manage a crew of arboriculture experts, you may need to be a little more systematic.

The JGID staff management software feature simplifies staff hours, making timesheets, wages and payments stress-free.

JGID features a GPS stamped clock in and out function, allowing your staff to check in and out remotely from their mobile device. This can avoid unnecessary commute times to the office, and less need for staff briefings, as all job information is attached to the job file, allowing your staff to get to the job and start work independently.

Accounts, invoices and payments

An arborist’s work is heavily affected by seasonal weather changes. As a result, work can get extremely busy at certain times of the year, making keeping track of accounts, invoices and payments more hectic than usual.

JGID allows you to automate the entire process, with customers receiving emailed invoices as soon as the job has been signed off, allowing clients to pay online via BPAY or credit card. Payments can also be made on-site via smartphone or tablet without needing a device like an EFTPOS machine or chip reading device.

No more chasing clients at the EOM and EOFY, no more losing track of outstanding payments during busy periods, just automated, easy payments and account management.

Equipment management software

Arbory requires a lot of high-risk equipment, such as:

  • Ropes
  • Chainsaws
  • Hand saws
  • PPE
  • Wood chippers
  • Trailers and more

This equipment puts in some hard-working hours and requires regular maintenance and safety checks.

JGID’s RFID equipment management software Allows you to keep track of all tools and equipment, pre-assigning equipment to jobs in the system on pick lists, and keep track of maintenance schedules.

Not only does this system allow you to track and maintain your equipment, but JGID RFID equipment management software can also:

  • Store all equipment details
  • Assign PDF photos & manuals to track tags
  • Send notification when equipment audits are due
  • Manage and track equipment loans and returns
  • pre-assign equipment and stock to gear list ahead of schedule and more

JGID equipment management software improves your workflow, provides safer equipment to your staff and ensures your assets are safe and secure.

Customer relationship management

JGID allows you to scale your business and maintain customer service levels by providing full CRM capabilities and all the data you need to drive your business forward.

This critical business data allows you to:

  • Scale business development
  • Maintain and improve customer service
  • Increase profitability
  • Streamline productivity
  • Collect and generate data analytics and more

JGIDS’s effective CRM allows you to maintain positive relationships with regular clients while providing you with information that helps you transcend your business development expectation, with less stress and time spent guessing your way through your future marketing.

Suppose you have a marketing provider or a business development team. In that case, this data can also be isolated and emailed to concerned parties, ensuring your collected CRM information is working for you, rather than just getting lost in a sea of other business figures and paperwork.

On-site support and training

Our JGID support team is onboard with your business from day one, ensuring you get the most out of your all-in-one business management software.

We come on-site to ensure you and your team are confident in using and optimising your JGID program, helping you tailor your system to your business’s unique needs, and automating your processes as much as possible.

The JGID facilitators know our software back to front, developing and optimising your job management software both now and in the future as your business expands and grows.

We can facilitate one-on-one training or group sessions, offering engaging and interactive instruction to create a symbiosis between the software and your team of arborists and allow your business to operate seamlessly.

JGID: Affordable, customised and reliable

You can try JGID free for 14-days to see how your business can benefit from this pioneering job management software program for high-risk industries, with no lock-in contracts and no credit card payments required.

Our free trial periods include JGID’s :

  • Access to an online knowledge base
  • Ticketing systems
  • Email support
  • Customised account setup and more

Unlock your business’s full potential with JGID job management software for arborists and other high-risk industries.

For more information about JGID or to arrange a consultation with one of our representatives, call our toll-free number today, or contact us via email. Send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our staff can contact you at a convenient time.

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The Benefits of Crane Job Management Software

Job Management Software is a tool needed for Crane hire enterprises. There are significant figures involved in bookkeeping, with lots of safety regulations, security, and staff to manage, all while dealing with contracts that could take months or years to see out.

While there are many business or job management software programs on the market, few can be tailored to meet the unique needs of crane hire companies and other high-risk industries.

That was until JGID job management software. JGID, short for just get it done, has been developed in collaboration with high-risk professionals like crane hire technicians and business owners.

This all-in-one job management software can revolutionise your business’s workflow and operations, giving you unprecedented control from one easy place. Read on to learn more about JGID job management software.

How JGID Job Management System Can Help You? 

JGID allows high-risk trade workers from all high-risk industries to manage and control their business from front to back while automating many processes that would typically take hours a week or months to complete.

Examples of industries that JGID has been developed for include, but are not limited to:

JGID allows you to view and control all aspects of your business. Never before has a high-risk company had so much control from one intuitive, easy to manage job management software program.

JGID crane hire management

Because JGID was designed to be tailored to any individual high-risk company’s format and operations systems, our team of designers has allowed for JGID to be tailored for your crane enterprise.

Examples of crane-related industries that JGID can be customised to meet includes:

  • Mining
  • Urban and residential development
  • Industrial construction
  • Civil crane applications and more

Our experienced software development team can optimise JGID to control all aspects of your crane business without needing multiple software programs and creating a complete symbiosis with your job management systems.

Job Management Software Dashboard

JGID is operated from an intuitive helicopter dashboard that gives you access to your entire business operations in one clear, concise and easy to understand format.

The dashboard allows you to view your business’s daily operations status from any device, including:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

This dashboard can be accessed by all authorised staff, allowing everyone to see information like:

  • Active and quoted jobs
  • Staff placement and workload
  • Site contacts and information
  • Business analysis
  • Tasks to complete
  • Invoices and much more

There is no more scrolling between different software programs, no more staff information errors, no more assuming or guessing through your workday.

Instead, JGID gives you a complete view of your business in real-time 24/7, streamlining your actions and operations like never before in one convenient place.

Job Management Software – Quoting

Never misquote again with JGIDs advanced quoting template system. JGID allows all authorised staff to access the system from all smart remote devices.

Once the quote has been completed, it is saved to the system and automatically sent to the existing or potential client via email, ready for future approval.

Job Management Software – Client approvals

Because of JGID’s versatile access capabilities from remote devices, any authorised staff member can take digital approvals, like signatures, on-site from the relevant authorities.

This streamlines the quoting and job approval process, simplifying things for all involved and instantly sending a breakdown of all costs and job information to all relevant parties.

Job Management Software – Scheduling

Although the crane game, time is money! Because crane contracts can be one-off jobs, many can also be long-term projects. Therefore, effective scheduling is critical to ensure that all client needs are met and that there is no inconvenient overlap between jobs.

JGID’s advanced scheduling system ensures all authorised managers and employees are on top of every aspect of the job, reducing confusion and ensuring your jobs are carried out like clockwork.

Job Management Software – Staff management

With long-term or project crane contracts, you may not have the same technician operating the crane each day or week, which can confuse management, staff and site authorities over the contract’s term.

JGID business management software for the crane industry can ensure everyone is on the same page in advance of all jobs. Receiving notifications whenever a change is made or new authorisations have been implemented; quick, clear and concise scheduling and time management for all staff members.

Timesheets and staff payments

Get on with the job by having your staff clock in and out remotely from their smart device on-site, in real-time—no more losing hours of productivity in commutes and unnecessary office visits.

Using GPS stamping, you know who is where and in what crane from the time they arrive on-site to the time they clock off, leaving no guessing, no missed hours and no chasing up missed or inaccurate staff payments.

Job Management Software – Invoicing

Chasing invoices at the end of the month or financial year can be time consuming and frustrating. However, because JGID is a completely linked system, all your invoicing information is right at your fingertips, settling disputes in record time and allowing you to streamline your invoicing process.

This means all approvals, signatures, emails, authorisations, work logs, site inductions and other information are available to view and share without going through mountains of paperwork or sifting through files. With JGID, all invoicing is fast, easy and reliable.

Customer payments

To make customer payments even more straightforward, JGID uses world-leading payments systems like Stripe so that clients can make credit card payments via an email link or on-site via the JGID app.

Easy payments, 24/7, 365-days a year. With JGID, managing your business’s income has never been more straightforward, reliable, transparent or traceable.


In the current world of high-risk business, like crane hire, customer relationship management is essential in ensuring ongoing business and client satisfaction.

JGID’s CRM allows you to keep track of all your clients and ensure you are providing optimal service and support, guaranteeing the loyalty of your existing clients and providing critical data to help you expand your business in the future.

Maintenance scheduling

The OH&S protocols around the crane industry are prolific, and failure to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and repairs can risk the lives of your technicians, site workers and the public.

JGID can fully automate your scheduled maintenance systems to ensure nothing is missed in making your crane enterprise safe and compliant with all internal, site, and Government-mandated OH&S protocols.

The JGID database can also link all relevant information to each piece of crane equipment, including details like:

  • Manuals and pictures
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance and repair contacts and services
  • Equipment checklists and more

Save time and money by allowing JGID’s automated systems to take the reins of your scheduled maintenance, and rest easier knowing that you are on top of your business’s OH&S obligations.

RFID equipment tracking

A wide array of equipment and parts are required to operate a crane safely. Keeping track of in and outgoing stock and equipment has never been easier or more accurate than with JGID equipment management software.

JGID’s RFID scanning and GPS tagging ensure your equipment management software is working for you, with a mobile scan in and scan out system that can be used via any smart device, like smartphones and tablets, updating records and stock levels in real-time.

Other information that can be integrated into your equipment management system includes:

  • Equipment information, including photos and manuals
  • Audit trails of equipment inspections
  • Automated and manual gear lists for jobs
  • Management of equipment loans and returns
  • Record qualifications and expiry dates
  • Equipment use records and more

JGID’s equipment management system can also help you manage equipment safety checking and maintenance schedules, with push notifications available to alert you when each item is due for inspection.

All information is stored in the cloud allowing you and authorised staff to access information anywhere, anytime.

Job Management Software – On-site training

JGID wants you and your crane technicians to get the absolute best out of this revolutionary crane management software. We provide complete on-site training and ongoing support, helping you further tailor your job management software to your crane company’s unique requirements.

Our expert facilitators spend all the time needed to create systematic learning of all aspects of JGID’s features and operations, ensuring that your entire team experiences JGID’s full potential for job and equipment management.

All-in-one crane job management software

Our main objective is to streamline your business operations. This saves you time, money, and stress, so you can focus on expansion. Our team of developers and facilitators will ensure your system is fully optimised for your crane business. After a few months of JGID working for you, you may wonder how you got through without it.

Join the many other successful, high-risk industry business owners who have transformed their business operations with JGID job management software.

For more information about JGID for the crane industry, contact us today via the toll-free number for your region, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our helpful consultants can contact you at a prefered time.

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Job Scheduling Software for Crane and Trade Industries

Rope access, Crane and high-risk professionals offer a unique service that requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Having effective scheduling software is crucial to ensuring workflow efficiency and maintaining a high level of customer service.

There is a wide range of business and job management software programs on the market that contain scheduling programs.

However, many of these programs do not address job management software needs unique to rope access and high-risk industries. That was until JGID business management software.

JGID, short for just get it done, is an all-in-one job management software program that has been developed specifically for rope access and other high-risk industries.

This innovative software includes advanced, fully customisable systems, including syncopated utilities, such as:

  • Job Scheduling
  • Job Management Software
  • Job Equipment Management Software
  • Job Quoting
  • Job Invoicing
  • Timesheets and more

As well as rope access professionals, other high-risk industries that can benefit significantly from JGID business management software include, but are not limited to:

Read on to learn more about the scheduling capabilities of JGID business management software and its many other customisable features.

High-risk industry job scheduling software

JGID job management software program for high-risk industries, like rope access technicians, has been developed from extensive research with high-risk professionals. With JGID, you can manage your entire business front to back, from initial quoting to final payments.

This complete, tailorable job and equipment management software features:

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Quote management utilities
  • Scheduling system
  • CRM
  • Remote client approval capabilities
  • Accounts and payment systems
  • Staff management
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Auditing and more

JGID’s capabilities provide you with complete control of your high-risk and rope access business, automating your systems, freeing up your time and saving you money by streamlining your processes.

JGID job scheduling software

JGID’s easy to use drag and drop scheduling system allows you to manage your staff’s workload, ensuring nothing gets missed and that jobs are well planned and punctual.

Job Management Software Accessibility

The JGID dashboard is accessible from all remote devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, allowing all authorised personnel to access and adjust your work schedules in real-time as your week progresses.

It can also link to all other job management features and job information on the software, including:

  • Scope of work
  • Stock and equipment picklists
  • Site address and site contact
  • JHA and more

The scope of the JGID job scheduling software utility is easy to use and gives unprecedented control over your daily operations.

JGID’s scheduling feature makes sure you won’t double book your jobs and that the right technician or staff member has been assigned to the booking, meaning no confusion, no job trip hazards, just smooth sailing on your weekly schedule.

Other JGID Job Management Software features

In the past, high-risk businesses, like rope access professionals, have had to rely on multiple software programs to run their business.

Often, these programs could not be integrated, meaning you needed to engage in hours of frustrating and time-consuming tasks that involve re-entering information into each program to achieve symbiosis, leaving space for miscommunication, mistakes and costly errors.

JGID stands alone as an all-in-one business management software for high-risk businesses, offering complete control over your company operations.


Never misquote again with JGID’s easy to operate quoting program. As with all JGID utilities, the quoting system can be accessed via any remote device so that all authorised staff and estimators can quote on the spot at any time.

The program offers a range of quoting templates that feature full-colour images and detailed descriptions that will transform your quoting protocols. Your estimators may wonder how they got by without JGID, automating your entire quoting process, including clauses and texts, uploaded to the cloud-based system in real-time.

Client approvals

Long wait times and meeting schedules can often complicate approvals by clients, whether that be for the job itself or access, safety and security authorisations.

JGID’s client approval system allows digital signatures on any device. The approval is immediately uploaded to the client file, and the client can have an automated email sent with all relevant information attached.

Recurring jobs

Many rope access technicians and other high-risk workers will have scheduled recurring jobs, such as window cleaning and maintenance. JGID can automate all future recurring jobs in advance, ensuring all authorised and assigned staff are literally on the same page regarding future jobs.

Staff management

Being a complete job management software, JGID also takes care of all your staff management needs.

Clock in and out

The JGID staff management system can be remotely accessed by your entire team, receiving instant notifications of any changes throughout the day or week.

In addition, JGID utilises GPS stamping, so you know what job your team members are currently servicing.

All timesheets and job allocations can be accessed remotely by your staff from any smartphone, tablet or laptop so that team members can get straight to the job, clock in, perform all necessary work and clock out.

Mobile timesheets and wages

JGID automates your staff hours and wage payments with an intuitive, easy view and operating system, meaning no missed payments, problems with public holiday pay, or missed hours that need to be corrected.

The clear, concise nature of the timesheet designs also means it can be understood by anyone with minimal training, which is all provided by the JGID facilitators.

Inventory and stock

JGID offers total control over your stock and inventory, including vital information such as:

  • Inventory and stock pictures
  • Materials
  • Consumables
  • First aid components
  • Tools bits and much more

As inventory is digitally signed out, JGID immediately updates your system for all to see, saving hours of manual paperwork and cross-checks.

JGID can also be set up to perform automated reordering of stock, meaning you are never caught out with no inventory for jobs.

This system also makes stock taking a breeze, not only streamlining your stock takes for tax time but also significantly reducing write-offs for missing inventory or inaccurate counts throughout the fiscal year.

Equipment management software

Whether you require better equipment organisation or need to keep better track of your equipment’s whereabouts, JGID has you covered.

The JGID RFID system allows you to track all your equipment in one place; no paperwork is required, and no risk of human error. This system even syncs with your job management system, allocating your equipment ahead of schedule.

This impressive equipment management software also stores and provides essential information and functions, including:

  • Equipment details
  • Gear photos and manuals
  • Builds and manages gear lists for jobs
  • Manages equipment loans and returns
  • Records when and how equipment is used and more

In high-risk jobs, like rope access, equipment safety and compliance audits are essential to the well being of your staff and clients.

JGID equipment management software allows for automated control over your gear safety audits, inspections and maintenance of your equipment, including functions and features like:

  • Audit trails of all inspections
  • Notifications of inspections times
  • Qualifications and when they expire and more

All data is stored in the cloud, meaning easy recovery if you have system issues. This cloud-based system also allows all information to be accessed anywhere and anytime by remote devices.


Many customer relationship management (CRM) software programs on the market help your business development team solidify future jobs and expand your client base.

However, when your CRM syncopates with your all-in-one business management software, then you can genuinely streamline and optimise your business development and customer service capabilities.

Invoicing and payments

This is the age of automation, and JGID automates every aspect of your high-risk business protocols, especially when it comes to invoicing and client payments.

Job Management Software Compatible With Xero

The minute your job is signed off, your client’s invoice is immediately emailed and recorded on the JGID system via Xero’s connected app, and all payments can be made via credit card via Stripe.

The JGID GoMobile app can also take payments on-site, via any smart or remote device, finalising outstanding invoices on the day, minimising the number of invoices you have to chase at the end of the month or financial year.

JGID: Just Get It Done! Job Management Software

As much as JGID has been created by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, it has also been developed by you, the rope-access and high-risk worker.

The goal of JGID was to help high-risk workers automate their business, making their company more streamlined, efficient, profitable and sustainable.

This innovative, customisable job management software can be tailored to your high-risk business’s unique needs, offering you unprecedented automation and control over your company’s daily operations.

We Provide Training

We provide comprehensive on-site training and ongoing support to our customers while providing emergency support. We also continually strive to develop this program with the help of our many happy clients.

As a company owner and operator, you may even find that JGID gives you the best gift of all; More time to do the things you love and more time with the ones you love. If you would like to know more about the JGID BMS revolution, then call one of our helpful consultants today via phone or email.

Send your details and inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our team members can contact you at a preferred time.

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JGID for Rope Access Companies

Job Management Software: Made for the Rope Access Industry

Owners of high-risk businesses, like rope access technicians, require a lot of management, organisation and bookkeeping. Like many other businesses, high-risk business owners often run job management software to manage the many facets of their business, such as:

  • Quoting
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Equipment management
  • Staff management
  • Company audits and more

Many of the leading business management software programs on the market work adequately.

However, these software programs are designed for general commerce and are often inadequate for rope access or unique needs for high-risk business owners.

What’s more, rope access professionals often have to run multiple software programs to keep track of their daily operations, many of which cannot work together symbiotically.

This requires hours of bookkeeping scheduling, multiple open computer tabs, constant cross-referencing, and other confusing and frustrating procedures.

JGID business management software, short for Just Get It Done, is an all-in-one job management software designed for professionals in rope access and other high-risk industries.

Read on to learn more about this revolutionary job management software.

JGID Business Management Software

Just Get It Done job management software has been the result of diligent research and testing to produce an all-in-one business management software program for high-risk professionals like rope access technicians.

This system has been designed to cover all aspects of your business management from front to back, allowing you to streamline your business processes accurately, and reliably and save time better used for more productive things.

Aside from rope access experts, other high-risk professionals that can benefit from JGID software include, but are not limited to:

  • Arborists
  • Height safety specialists
  • Crane technicians
  • Roofing professionals
  • Rigging trades
  • Professional divers
  • The solar industry
  • Confined space workers
  • Drone operators and more

The JGID job management system allows you to control all aspects of your business from one user-friendly ‘helicopter view’ dashboard.

From quoting to managing client accounts, paying staff, to performing stocktakes, all business management can be done from this one convenient program.

The best part is that you can access and control your business management system via any device, including smartphones, laptops, PCs or tablets.

So what can JGID do for you and your business? Read on to learn more.

All business management programs, all in one place

JGID will help you manage your business operations and help you with your business development and staff management, be it a small start-up or a growing enterprise.

Job Management Software Dashboard

The helicopter view dashboard is a crystal clear user interface that allows you to skip to any part of your business management program at the touch of your mouse.

Here you can see vital information like:

  • Active jobs and staff activities
  • Active quotes and opportunities
  • Completed and outstanding invoices
  • Completed current and future tasks
  • Incoming and outgoing equipment
  • Stock levels
  • Staff hours and wages
  • Scheduled audits and more

No more crashing programs, no more cross-referencing and inputting data into multiple programs, just one easy dashboard for all aspects of your daily operations.

Quoting and client approvals

You may never have to suffer the frustration and stress of misquoting again. The JGID quoting program can be customised to meet the unique facets of your rope access and high-risk business and is user friendly for all staff.

The easy to use quoting templates can be accessed on all devices, like smartphones and tablets.

All estimators can quote quickly, accurately, with all data being entered into one system in real-time, working symbiotically with your inventory, ensuring no misquotes and no customer promises that you cannot deliver.

JGID can even take digital client signatures, meaning quotes can be approved on-site with the client via smartphones or tablets and emailed directly to all parties.

General quoting and job tenders for rope access technicians and high-risk professionals has never been easier than JGID business management software.

Scheduling Software

JGID’s drag and drop scheduling system makes it quick and easy to plan your workflow for all large and small scale jobs.

This elementary program presents all relative job information, including things like:

  • Scope of work
  • Equipment and stock pick lists
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Site contacts and information
  • Allocated times and more

Save hours of job organisation and staff management stress by utilising the JGID scheduling system.

Staff management system

Managing your own time and workload can be easy; however, it can get hard to keep track when running a whole rope access crew.

The JGID staff management software makes allocating staff hours and keeping track of timesheets, wages and payments a breeze, meaning you can help your staff organise themselves.

The GPS stamped clock in and out function can also save you on wages, allowing your crew to clock in remotely from their mobile device, and clock out when the job is finished without having to phone in or head into the office.

No more driving to the office to receive job notes and schedules; your staff can commute directly to the site, saving staff hours wasted in traffic.

Accounts, invoices and payments

Keeping track of outstanding accounts can get confusing during busy periods, leaving a financial mess to clean up at the end of the month or end of the financial year.

JGID can be set up to automatically email accounts directly to customers when staff sign off on jobs, allowing your clients to pay immediately online via BPAY or credit card.

Invoices can also be paid on-site via smartphone or tablet without needing a device like an EFTPOS machine.

This automated system means no more chasing clients at the end of the month and losing track of outstanding payments during busy work periods.

Equipment management software

Rope access and high-risk workers have a lot of jobs and safety equipment that must be checked and audited regularly. There is also often a vast array of expensive essential equipment that can easily be lost throughout the working year.

JGID’s RFID equipment management software means that all tools, stock and safety utilities are scanned in and out as they are used. 

Tagged equipment can also be assigned to a job when scheduling, making your equipment even easier to track.

As well as tracking your equipment, JGID RFID equipment management software can also:

  • Store all equipment details, including photos & manuals
  • Send notification when gear audits are due
  • Keep an audit trail of all equipment
  • Manage equipment loans and returns
  • Produce gear lists for jobs and more

With JGID, your equipment will be more secure and kept up to safety standards all year round. It can also increase productivity and encourage staff responsibility.

Recurring jobs

Rope access professionals perform a range of jobs that are often rescheduled with clients throughout the year, such as:

  • Window cleaning
  • Audits and inspections
  • Maintenance and more

JGID can automate your ongoing job management, so you can spend more time quoting future jobs while your staff takes care of your regular clients.

Customer relationship management

JGID also works as a CRM system to ensure customer service standards are maintained and continue to improve as your business grows.

The data gained via the JGID CRM system can help your rope access and high-risk business:

  • Drive and scale business development
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve productivity
  • Create valuable data analytics and more

By utilising JGIDS’s effective CRM, you can continue to impress regular clients with your business development and services, solidify client loyalty, and ensure a steady stream of ongoing work in the future.

Do you use a sales or business development team? The JGID CRM can also help your team manage their time and workflow more efficiently with meeting schedules, quote stages, project management information and more.

Just another way JGID can help your rope access and high-risk business scale and develop as your company expands.

Support and training

JGID offers world-class training and support to all its customers, on-site and online. Our friendly team of training facilitators ensures you and your team are well versed and competent with this industry-leading business management software.

Our ongoing support service ensures that you have someone in your corner all year round.

The JGID support team understands all aspects of the JGID system, ensuring that your job management software is always working for you at peak performance and that you are getting the most out of its extensive range of utilities.

As your business continues to grow, we can also provide updated training, so your system can be recalibrated and expanded alongside your business, meaning JGID will be here for you today and in your company’s bright future.

JGID: affordable, customised and reliable 

JGID offers a free 14-day trial for all new and interested parties, so you can be confident that this is the right software for your business model, with no lock-in contracts and no credit card payments required.

All free trial periods include JGID’s full support, including:

  • Online knowledge base
  • Ticketing systems
  • Email support
  • Personalised account setup and more

If you want to discover the potential that JGID has for your rope access or high-risk business, contact our friendly help desk today.

Send your enquiry by email, or fill in one of our online contact forms, and one of our expert consultants can contact you at a convenient time.

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Rope Access Equipment - Track equipment with - JGID Job Management Software

The Best Rope Access Management Software Available

JGID knows the potential business growth when their Rope Access Job Management Software is utilised as less time is needed to undertake necessary tasks such as quoting, invoicing and completing timesheets. With the in-depth yet refined software system at your disposal, creating vital safety documentation like SWMS, JSA and Risk Assessment are far more straightforward, uniform and efficient. 

Having the best Rope Access Job Management Software at your fingertips allows a less complicated and tedious business operation while also offering greater control of scheduling and overheads. As JGID is an ARAA member and works with industries that rely on rope access daily, we have the experience to continuously improve software and processes to benefit software users and their customers. 

Rope Access Management Software is not a tool to replace rope access methodology, training or compliances. It is simply to ensure all businesses that rely on rope access have a more streamlined and better functioning system.

JGID Rope Access Management Software includes:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Stock Inventory
  • Ordering
  • Timesheets
  • Client Approvals
  • Payment
  • Equipment Register
  • OHS Procedures

Are you starting a new rope access business?

If you are about to make the exciting yet daunting jump to start your own business with a multi-skilled rope access team, using Business Management Software could be the difference between success and struggle. Without it, you are beginning your new venture without the best business practices and structures to manage your rope access projects for support. 

While plentiful documentation can help you build management systems and business operations from scratch, JGID has created the best Rope Access Management Software that encompasses the essential business standards and job management practices. All the established rope access protocols are implemented within the Rope Access Management Software to ensure no steps are missed, and your business is not opening itself to unnecessary risks. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges of a new business is to know expenses and quantities before commencing. JGID Rope Access Management Software can help streamline processes to keep your operations and staff at an affordable level. The business management software can be individualised to suit your business methods, needs and functions to guarantee you are best prepared from day one.

Have the best Rope Access Job Management Software 24/7

Imagine having the best industry practices and a complete business overview with you 24/7. Well, JGID Rope Access Management Software gives you this and so much more. JGID is confident that any business will succeed if they have all the best management tools and practices at its fingertips. 

The Rope Access Management Software can be accessed on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones by anyone who has been authorised from any location they are working. Whether you are a manager needing vital information in a meeting, a rope access worker wanting to view safety documents before performing a job or office staff required to process timesheets, Rope Access Management Software is readily available 24/7.

Take business management to the next level

At times it feels like processes in the building industry are stuck in the 21st century even though technology has evolved immensely, with many businesses still using the old methodology for quoting, invoicing and scheduling. With the help of the best Rope Access Management Software, you can take business management to the next level. 

Rope Access Management Software allows photos and videos to be added to quotations for a more precise understanding between company and client. At the same time, all vital documentation like International Rope Access Trade Association registries can be updated easily to individual profiles. And the tedious chore of weekly paper timesheets is made easy as employees can keep their hours up to date on an open platform.

Endless benefits from one job management software

JGID Rope Access Management Software has endless benefits to managers, owners and employees. The job management software allows rope access businesses to run more efficiently and be more versatile. It also ensures the most cost-effective scheduling of jobs and staff, optimising all processes to guarantee the best cash flow and profits. 

And most importantly, customer service is improved to exceed your client’s expectations. With the ability to easily assign jobs, track job timelines and receive in-time project updates, essentially, you have more control for jobs to run punctually and more information to keep your client in the loop.

Supporting employee and job productivity

Rope Access Management Software takes managerial control to a whole new level to ensure your employees are used to their best abilities. Jobs can be assigned to a staff member with a touch of a button allowing your projects to begin faster and avoiding costly downtime. Timesheets are also far easier to complete, with jobs and hours seamlessly allocated together to better understand a working week. 

From the employee’s point of view, they can note project updates, defects and insufficiencies on a platform that goes directly to management for a rapid response. A rope access technician no longer needs to make endless phone calls to track down equipment; they can just simply report the issue to be rectified while leaving it documented to avoid the problem in the future.

Tool inventories and materials checklists

From arborists to solar contractors, many tools and materials are needed when performing rope access work. Equipment Management Software is the perfect assistant to have with you and your staff at all times and is implemented in JGID Rope Access Management Software. 

Tool inventories can be created to track equipment and review current inspection certifications. While material checklists make preparing for a job easier for staff on-site, ensuring all parts, products and consumables are received to avoid getting caught out mid-task. With tool and material software to aid productivity, your rope access project outcomes will undoubtedly improve.

Easy and precise quoting and invoicing

Quoting any job can come with substantial risk, and underquoting can turn a prosperous job into a financial blow to your business. The good news is that a simple misquote can be avoided when using JGID Rope Access Management Software which incorporates many finance tools, allowing for easy and precise quoting and invoicing. 

There are features such as professional templates, automated invoicing, electronic approval, recorded variances and accurate price lists for consumables, materials and services. Therefore, all your rope access job finances are controlled for a more profitable outcome and the pressures of quoting and invoicing are significantly eased and become enjoyable. 

JGID Business Management Software for rope access helps immensely when quoting jobs, ensuring that all services, materials and consumables are sufficiently covered when the many invoices are sent.

Safer workplaces and height safety practices

We all know that rope access work includes high-risk tasks. Even though all staff are trained and qualified, it is still crucial to have easy access to height safety practices and other safety documentation. JGID Rope Access Management Software includes all the necessary height safety guidelines and rope access standards to give workers all the information they need at their fingertips. 

The Rope Access Management Software also includes compliance and pre-work documentation like SWMS, JHAs and PPPs for staff to refer to, complete and follow to create a safer workplace from office to onsite. 

Not only is the JGID job scheduling software a peace of mind for business owners, managers and supervisors, but it also provides a platform for employees to report any safety concerns, incident reports, WorkCover claims or onsite injuries. This allows a clear and transparent safety platform between rope access employers and employees.

JGID supports businesses in Australia and worldwide

It must also be said that JGID is more than just Rope Access Management Software. JGID has created Business Management Software, Job Management Software and Equipment Management Software to support a wide range of businesses in Australia and worldwide. 

From job scheduling software for solar contractors to arborist job management software, JGID has programs to help. We aim to support the full-time commitment of managing a business with constant communication with clients and staff, endless quoting and invoicing, and stock and job management in mind. 

So let JGID help you! Using their various software platforms gives you the perfect overview and detailed insight into your business, from any connected device, from any location.

Get the best rope access job management software

JGID is the best Rope Access Job Management Software, allowing you to control all aspects of your business from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The business management software simplifies life with automated admin tasks and an all-in-one management platform. It will save time, improve efficiency, boost profits, enhance productivity and give you more personal time to enjoy things you like to do away from work. 

Sign up for the all-inclusive free 14-day trial and notice the immediate transformation of your rope access business and lifestyle. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and tailored software to suit all rope access projects, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the JGID leap today.

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solar industry

The Best Job Scheduling Software for Solar Contractors

Any solar contractor will say that running a solar business is a full-time commitment. There is the constant communication with clients and staff, endless quoting and invoicing, and stock and job management. All this can be hard for a solar contractor to deal with and, at times, can become overwhelming.

However, help is here with the job scheduling software for solar contractors available to support business management and operations.

JGID or (Just Get It Done) has the best job scheduling software for a solar contractor, with its extensive features relieving stress and giving peace of mind to all who use it. The job scheduling software is designed to help with daily tasks such as quoting, invoicing, and timesheets. It also gives solar contractors a platform to view things like schedule progress, stock levels, and staff site location from any device they choose.

Why is JGID the best job scheduling software for solar contractors?

There is indeed other job scheduling software out there, and they probably do a reasonable job. However, when running a solar business, you shouldn’t settle for reasonable; you should only consider the best.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors is an all in one software that does not need add-ons or additional platforms to function. The countless features can be used on any device and support administrative, procurement, logistic and working tasks. 

Not only is it a life changer for a solar contractor to better manage business operations, but it also is invaluable for all staff in the office and onsite. Staff can access work scopes, report job progress, advise any delays, track material delivery, view OHS procedures and JHAs, clock in and out, all while not leaving their desk or getting down from the roof.

JGID is the best job scheduling software for a solar contractor and should be considered essential for all solar businesses.

JGID’s job scheduling software for solar contractors features include:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Stock Inventory
  • Ordering
  • Timesheets
  • Client Approvals
  • Payment
  • Equipment Register
  • OHS Procedures

Easy to use software from any device in any location

JGID job scheduling software is easy for any solar contractor to use, with helpful tutorials and straightforward instructions to get you started. The dashboard setup gives a helicopter view of all aspects of your solar business that can be seen on any tablet, phone or computer of choice, in any location.

It is often the first time a solar contractor sees their business operation laid out on one screen, giving them full clarity and control like never before. A user can move from a full business overview to an in-depth inventory or live job reports or updated timesheets with a few pushes of a button.

JGID job scheduling software is also compatible with Xero and Quickbook to transfer all account data seamlessly, Stripe to allow quick and easy payments and Dropbox to send all large or archived files.

The benefits of JGID for solar contractors

From the initial quotation to job completion, there are countless benefits of JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors. Here we discuss some of the core benefits to your solar business and why you should implement the invaluable software today.

Streamlines quoting and invoicing

Quoting a solar installation job comes with significant risk, as underquoting can lead to a financial hit on your business. The misquote can be avoided by using JGID business software which incorporates many tools to allow a streamlined and transparent quoting and invoicing system.

From professional templates and automated invoicing to electronic approval signing and recorded variances, all your solar jobs will be controlled to the cent all day, every day. Along with a clear and correct price list for services, materials and consumables, the stress of quotation and invoicing is quickly turned into a risk-free task.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors will ensure you never sell yourself short when quoting a job, giving you the confidence that all services, materials and consumables are adequately covered when invoices are sent.

It saves precious time and money

Most solar contractors know the amount of time spent quoting solar jobs, sending invoices, processing timesheets, and all the other neverending admin tasks every week. Even though they are necessary for business success, they eat into the valuable time better spent on the job. 

Using JGID software, these mundane and time-consuming tasks become automated and simple, freeing up many hours during your working week. The digital platform can be set up to your solar business’s needs, keeping track of jobs and timesheets, sending quotes and invoicing, and making scheduled payments, all while you are quoting jobs, visiting sites or enjoying some family time.

JGID job scheduling software is seriously life-changing and will ensure all your administrative tasks are completed on time, every time, stress-free.

Manages jobs to ensure efficient outcomes

Managing jobs is one of the biggest challenges for any solar contractor. Keeping on top of site progress, required materials, staff allocation, OH&S, JHA’s and quote variances, all while keeping clients updated on their solar installation, is an endless and tiring job. And a job that JGID job management software is designed to make easier.

JGID job management software can help solar contractors manage their jobs for efficient outcomes. The software features include assigning staff to projects with work scopes, JHA’s and OHS procedures, receiving in-time progress reports and job delay alerts, and all site and client information. This allows a solar contractor to control all their solar jobs simultaneously on any device, at any time.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractor helps manage jobs to an elite level, saving you time while keeping staff happy and clients satisfied. At the end of the day, improved job management leads to improved business outcomes. 

Guarantees adequate stock levels and material ordering

Stock management is crucial in running a solar contractor business as any stock issue not only delays the job affected but creates a ripple effect for all other solar jobs scheduled. Ordering stock, delivering materials, and using them to complete a job sounds like an easy process, but we all know that a hiccup occurs more often than desirable.

With JGID stock management software, you can keep on top of all stock status by automating stock ordering on essential materials and consumables. With the ability to check stock levels, delivery times, and materials received on-site from any device, a solar contractor can have the peace of mind their staff can carry on without delays and disruption. 

So when you use the best job scheduling software for a solar contractor, it will remove all fears of diminished stock levels and unexpected material delays that can vastly affect monthly scheduling. And let’s not forget the online catalogues at your fingertips to refer to when pricing and ordering.

Promotes safer workplace practice

Safe workplace practices can be constant stress for a solar contractor who fears an accident may occur on their worksite. Solar installations come with high-risk, from working at heights to electrical connections and all the other manual handling jobs in between.

JGID job scheduling software is the peace of mind solar contractors have been hoping for. The software includes compliance documentation such as SWMS, JHAs and PPPs for staff to refer to and follow to ensure the safest workplace practices. It also contains incident reports and WorkCover claims, giving a clear communication and recording platform between a solar contractor and their staff.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractor promotes safer workplace practice to limit the risk of site accidents and miscommunication. It really is a saviour for solar contractors to look after their staff by offering optimum safety.

Business, administration and equipment management software for high-risk industries

JGID (Just Get it Done) is a comprehensive business, administration and equipment management software designed to support all high-risk industries. The Software can be configured to be industry-specific, covering all tasks involved to run a business of the particular fields. 

Whether you are an arborist needing height safety documentation, undertake rope access jobs requiring a dependable equipment registry or are a solar contractor lacking administrative support, JGID software is here to help. 

By implementing JGID business, administration and equipment management software, your high-risk industry business will flourish with consistent and accurate outcomes, all keeping a safe working environment.

Make the change and simplify your solar business

By using JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors you are essentially simplifying your solar business. With automated admin tasks and an all-in-one management platform, a solar contractor will save time, improve efficiency, increase profits and have more personal time. 

JGID is the best job scheduling software for solar contractors, allowing you to control every aspect of your business from your device. 

Sign up for the all-inclusive free 14-day trial and notice the immediate transformation of your solar business and lifestyle. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and tailored training to suit solar contractors, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the JGID change today.

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roofing industry

The Advantage of JGID Management Software for Roofing Services

If you are an experienced roofing professional, you may have a lot to think about. With several jobs on the go, while trying to keep track of quotes and managing staff, things can quickly get on top of you.

As if things were not complicated enough, there are a myriad of other tasks that require attention to keep your business operating, such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Staff hours
  • Superannuation and taxes
  • Account management
  • Inventory
  • Client payments
  • Customer relations management
  • Stock and equipment management and more

Somewhere in that mix of duties, you may find some time to spend with your family, and if you are fortunate, some time to yourself. If only there were an easier way?

This is where JGID comes into play. JGID, short for Just Get It Done, is an all-in-one job management software program for roofing service and high-risk workers. Read on to learn more.

Complete roofing services job management software

Before JGID job management software, high-risk technicians, such as roofing service professionals, rope access specialists, arborists and confined space workers, have had to utilise various software programs to run business operations.

Examples of the kinds of different types of software system roofing service professionals may require to operate effectively include:

  • Quoting programs
  • Bookkeeping systems
  • Client account and payment software
  • Stock and equipment management programs
  • Staff management and wages systems
  • CRM software and more

Operating, managing, and syncing these programs can be frustrating and exhausting, with some programs being completely incompatible, creating extra work for you or your management team, and costing valuable time that may be better utilised elsewhere.

These traditional business management software programs also rarely offer customisable solutions tailored to the unique parameters required for a roofing service or high-risk business.

JGID offers one complete job management software solution for your roofing company, seamlessly linking your entire business operations to any device, whether that be PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

JGID all-in-one job management software

Trade and high-risk businesses all have unique operations and protocols. JGID allows you to customise your job management software to give you a streamlined workflow year in, year out.

This all-in-one job management system offers you a helicopter view of your entire business, providing you with complete control of your daily operations in one convenient place.


Never risk misquoting your jobs again. JGID job management software provides fast and easy quoting for roofing service specialists, with fully customisable templates allowing you to get the quotes done quickly and accurately every time.

JGID allows you to automate your quoting processes with an intuitive graphic user interface allowing you or your estimator’s easy operation, funnelling all potential clients and job prospects into one clear and concise database.

This means more workers on the roof and less time wasted in the office going through endless estimates, confusing calculations, and avoiding costly mistakes easily made in a traditional quoting process.

Scheduling and recurring jobs

Avoid confusion and optimise your customer service with JGID’s easy, drag and drop scheduling system. In addition, your authorised staff can access all relevant company information, giving your workers more autonomy and greater efficiency in their daily workload.

This easy to use scheduling and recurring job system allows you to link all necessary job information, including:

  • Special client needs
  • Equipment and stock picklists 
  • Manuals
  • Photos
  • Spare parts information and more

The JGID scheduling system also provides your worker with critical job information such as site addresses and contacts, meaning your crew can head straight to the job without wasting precious staff hours travelling back and forth to the office unnecessarily.

Client signatures and approvals

Whether you run a commercial or domestic roofing service, client approvals are often required before starting work, whether from a homeowner, land agent or site manager. 

Save time and hassle by utilising JGID’s digital, onsite, real-time client approval system. This easy to use utility means you can present or share contracts, plans or job approval documents to clients from any device and get their signatures on the day of operations.

Remote payments 

Are you sick of keeping track of outstanding and overdue invoices? Accounts paperwork mounting up? Say goodbye to outdated and sluggish payment methods.

JGID allows you to take client credit and debit card payments onsite from any smart device, meaning you can move on to the next month of business without the past hanging over your bookkeeper’s head. Efficient, reliable, safe and trustworthy.

Comprehensive customer relationship management

Take your customer service to the next level with JGID’s CRM. Keep all your client’s documents, business information, and job history at your fingertips with instant access from any smart device.

This CRM system is ideal for roofing maintenance and repair specialists who often get re-booked for scheduled commercial inspections and repair jobs.

Stock and inventory

JGID allows you to efficiently perform stocktakes, simultaneously providing you with an automated system for inventory, stock and staples reordering.

This superior stock tracking system can streamline your operations even further with JGIDs RFID capabilities. This feature allows you to scan out stock by barcode, helping you budget better and ensuring all your stock items are accurately accounted for, with nothing slipping out the door unnoticed.

RFID equipment tracking

Your professional roofing tools and equipment are the backbone of your business. Unfortunately, lost and stolen assets collectively cost Australian companies and organisations approximately $4-billion every year. JGIDs RFID equipment management software may help save your roofing business from this troubling statistic.

JGID’s EZYiD system allows you to utilise one convenient program to keep track of all ingoings and outgoings of roofing equipment and stock, providing you with movement and data stamps in real-time. 

However, this is more than just an equipment tracking system; JGID’s RFID can also help you significantly improve productivity.

Equipment information

JGID allows you to store all your equipment’s information on the database. From this, you can pre-build gear lists in preparation for your future jobs ahead of schedule, streamlining your workflow. 

These linked files can provide your staff with critical gear data, such as:

  • Photos and manuals
  • Maintenance information
  • Record qualifications and expiry dates
  • Equipment use-history and more

Having this job-specific information on hand can save you hours of phone tennis, job delays, and lost productivity, potentially saving you significant financial loss throughout the fiscal year.

Audits and maintenance

High-risk jobs like roofing, roof maintenance, roof repair, roof inspections and height safety specialists must ensure all equipment is safe and up to code.

JGID makes equipment inspection and maintenance easier than ever, allowing all equipment inspection and maintenance schedules to be linked to your RFID tag information. RFID also makes asset checks, inventory and stock taking a breeze, saving you time and frustration looking for a multitude of hidden discrepancies at tax time.

Utilising an optimised RFID system also helps you provide a safer workplace and can provide you with comprehensive safety reports so you can take one more step in reducing the potentials for a workplace injury.

Staff management

Realising you can hire more roofing trade professionals is a good indication that business is healthy. 

However, the more staff you have to manage, the harder it gets to keep track of operations, creating more complex job allocations, timesheets, and wages while keeping track of where staff are working each day.

JGID’s GPS stamped clock in, clock out function allows you to track your staff hours remotely, in real-time, meaning no more chasing timesheets and finding staff hour discrepancies.

JGID offers ongoing support

The JGID team is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, offering comprehensive, ongoing, onsite training and live support for your job management software for roofing service. Our world-class, online live support team can get you out of a bind, offering an unlimited knowledge base, ticketing system, email and phone support service.

The friendly, expert technicians in our support service can utilise remote access technology to take the reins and help you in real-time, showing you exactly how they are correcting any issue or functions.

This means faster software comprehension and constant support so you can operate and optimise your tailored job management software system, taking your business to new heights. 

Other JGID high-risk industries

JGID can be tailored for all high-risk professionals allowing all specialist trades and businesses to automate and control every aspect of their daily operations in one convenient, intuitive platform.

Other industries that can benefit from JGID job management software include, but are not limited to:

  • Rope access professionals
  • Rigging technicians
  • Diving specialists
  • Arborists
  • Crane hire companies
  • Solar industry professionals
  • Drone operators
  • Confined space workers and more

JGID has been designed and developed solely with high-risk professionals in mind, offering unique solutions for modern specialist businesses.

If you have been holding out for a reliable, one solution, automated, business operations, job management software solution, then look no further. JGID can help your business streamline line your high-risk business like never before.

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Anchor Point _ Height Safety _ HawkPro _JGID

The Importance Of Experience And Hawkpro Safety Height Safety Products

When it comes to height safety, experience is priceless. 

Using height safety products from a reputable brand with industry experience gives users peace of mind the product is suitable for the working environment. Without the industry experience, height safety products can be more of a hindrance than a help. 

Inexperience manufacturers may have the best intentions; however, they do not have the first-hand knowledge to supply adequate height safety products. With over ten years of designing, manufacturing and installing HawkPro Safety height safety products, HawkPro Safety has the industry experience to provide quality products and first-class service, and they get the JGID stamp of approval as a result. 

HawkPro Safety height safety products exceed its competitors as they have been created and designed by installers for installers and are exactly what your business needs.

HawkPro height safety products built for Australian conditions

The Australian conditions can be harsh and unforgiving, which means the HawkPro Safety height safety products need to withstand it. All HawkPro Safety height safety products are designed to suit the harsh Australian climate, from torrential downpours and the blazing hot sun to bitterly cold winds and red dust of the outback.

HawkPro Safety height safety products are made from high-end materials such as Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel and aluminium. Their robust design and build ensure they can be installed in any Australian environment to enhance workplace safety.

All HawkPro Safety height safety products are extensively tested in diverse Australian conditions in the field to ensure they are dependable and effective. They are also compliance tested and made for quick and easy installation.

Anchor points for fall arrest and abseiling support

Anchors are life-saving HawkPro Safety height safety products and can be considered the last line of defence against a fall. An anchor point is compulsory when working at heights, and it is crucial to have the correct anchor installed for the job and the working environment.

The anchors’ installed need to have the appropriate kN rating for the fall arrest or abseil purpose. The wrong type or rated anchor can cause life-threatening problems in the event of a fall; therefore, using HawkPro Safety height safety products is advisable.

HawkPro Safety has anchors suitable for fall arrest and abseiling systems as a part of their HawkPro Safety height safety products.

The two types of anchors:

Two types of anchors may be installed that must comply with Australian standards.

Fall arrest

Fall arrest anchor points must comply with AS1891.4 and AS5532. They are used for fall arrest and fall restraint and must have a minimum rating of 15kN.


Abseil anchor points must comply with AS1891.4, AS5532 and AS4488. They are used for abseiling, fall arrest and fall restraints and must have a minimum rating of 15kN.

12kN rated abseil anchor points are also possible; however, they must not be used for fall arrest and fall restraints.

Different types of anchor configurations for various installations

There are different anchor configurations depending on the roof type, work scope, height safety systems and ongoing use.

The different anchor configurations:

  • Surface-mounted
  • Purlin mounted
  • Concrete glue in
  • Steel fix
  • Friction

A ladder hierarchy for safe roof access

With many different access ladders available, it is essential to ensure the right ladder is chosen and installed for your workplace. All have their advantages and disadvantages, and installing the incorrect ladder can become more of a safety risk than before.

Ladders are a vital part of a workplace safety system, allowing safe movement at heights and access to otherwise unreachable locations. A ladder hierarchy should be followed to ensure the safest and most effective ladder is installed and that it is compliant.

All ladder types are available as a part of the high-quality HawkPro Safety height safety products offered to all Australian workplaces.

The ladder hierarchy

Angled Rung Ladder

An angled rung ladder is the most common access ladder you will see in workplaces and on buildings. Angled rung ladders come in different shapes, designs and sizes; however, an angle between 70° and 75° is standard. Cages and guards can be added to boost the safety and sense of security and must comply with AS1657.

Step Type Ladder

A cross between a standard ladder and stairs, a step type ladder offers safe access and an easy climb. With a lower fall risk due to the deep treads, hand railing and greater angles, a step type ladder should be considered when space is adequate.

Vertical Ladder

A vertical ladder should only be used when an angled rung or step ladder is not practical. Due to the steepness, it is considered a high-risk roof access product and must have a fall arrest system installed and training for users.

Cage Ladder

As the name suggests, a cage ladder is a ladder that has a cage surrounding it to reduce the risk of falls. The cage ladder can be angled, step type or vertical.

Permanent guardrails to prevent falls

Guardrails are an excellent safety product to restrict access to hazardous locations like roof edges when working at heights. The physical barrier between the person and fall zones is a permanent life saving installation and one of the best ways to protect workers from falls when working at heights.

Unlike anchors that rely on correct use for safe function, a permanent guardrail reduces the human factor and saves time setting up fall arrest systems. For these reasons, guardrails are the recommended choice when a permanent system is possible. 

Guardrails need to be installed professionally to guarantee their safety, function and compliance with Australian standards. Compliant and well-designed guardrails are available from the HawkPro height safety products.

Walkways to help height safety and avoid roof damages

As a part of the HawkPro Safety height safety products, walkways are available to help safety when walking at heights and avoid roof damages. The clear path that a walkway offers also makes for time-efficient movement and a safe exit in an emergency. 

Walkways give workers a more stable and safer footing and protect the roof material and structure from foot traffic. Roofing dents and depressions can quickly turn into nuisance leaks, while more extensive roof damage from falls can lead to significant issues and costly repairs.

Walkways help prevent injuries like twisted ankles that high profile roofing sheets may cause and falls from uneven and precarious roofing designs. Most walkways are made of aluminium or fibre depending on their purpose and applications, both valuable HawkPro height safety products.

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Scheduling and Job Management Software for Crane Hire

Historically speaking, Australia and New Zealand are still young countries, and therefore, in a constant state of growth and expansion. Across all trade and civil industries, cranes are an essential utility for most aspects of civil, commercial and residential construction, maintenance, and demolition.

The crane industry is thriving across Australian and New Zealand, meaning there is plenty of work for crane hire professionals, from commercial and industrial construction and residential developments to civil engineering and the mining industry.

Even during a global pandemic, the construction industry has continued to operate, meaning crane hire businesses have to stay on the pulse when booking jobs and organising their time, staff and equipment.

In the past, you may have been required to utilise several different job management software programs to help you manage the various aspects of your business.

Examples of some areas of a crane hire business that may be dependent on software programs could include:

  • Quoting and bookings
  • Staff management and wages
  • Job scheduling
  • Equipment and stock management and tracing
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Customer relationship management
  • Advertising, marketing and social media
  • Business development and more


In a busy high-risk industry business, like crane hire, managing all the different aspects can be challenging. 

Just Get It Done job management software, or JGID for short, is an innovative and intuitive job management system for crane hire businesses and other high-risk industries that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your business in one convenient place.

So what makes JGID different from other generic job management software programs? Read on to learn more about JGID’s many impressive and customisable features.

Benefits of JGID job management software for crane hire

JGID job management software has been designed with high-risk industries, like crane hire and operations businesses, in mind. With its intuitive graphical user interface and optimised, automated workflow, you can regain control over your time and schedule and make your company’s workflow more manageable than ever.

Rather than needing separate software programs to manage the various aspects of your crane hire business, JGID offers a complete solution to address the various daily operations that your business demands to run smoothly and efficiently.

JGID job management software not only streamlines your many processes; it also helps you reclaim valuable time that has previously been wasted on tasks like:

  • Inputting data 
  • Syncing across multiple platforms 
  • Cross-referencing sales and wage data
  • Ensuring your equipment and stock is being monitored correctly
  • Checking payments and invoicing and more

This fully customisable program allows you to take complete control of all aspects of your jobs from initial quoting to final client payments and job finalisations – quickly, efficiently and reliably. 

Continue reading to learn more about JGID’s impressive capabilities and features.

The ease of quoting

Access your business from any device, including PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, from anywhere, at any time.

Never misquote a job again. Because JGID is an all-in-one job management software program, it can include all stock, time, equipment requirements for your job in the automated quote.

The JGID system also allows you to capture digital clients signatures for approvals on-site, which could include things such as:

  • Project pricing approvals
  • Occupational health and safety planning approvals
  • Job site access approvals
  • Recurring job approvals 
  • Payment approvals and more

JGID has your back from initial potential client interactions, pricing and project agreements to final payments and client invoicing -you won’t miss a beat.

Job and hire scheduling

Well planned and executed scheduling is a critical aspect of any crane hire or crane operations company. You cannot afford to risk easy to miss scheduling faux pas such as double booking, missing vital equipment, or missing due dates and deadlines.

JGID makes scheduling your jobs and maintaining staff communications a breeze by ensuring your staff can clearly see all scheduling plans, changes and job alterations. 

Your scheduling can even include vital job information such as:

  • Site plans
  • Photos and manuals
  • Critical site information
  • Client contacts
  • OH&S and equipment checklists and more

Having this much control over your scheduling means fewer mistakes, more productivity, less stress, and saved time.

Equipment scheduling and tracking

JGID also gives you complete control over hire equipment, tools, and other company property with its comprehensive, easy to implement and operate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) logging and tracking system. No more paperwork and no more human error.

The EZYiD system seamlessly integrated with JGID, allowing you and your staff to:

  • Log and track all in and outgoing stock and equipment
  • Simplify stocktaking
  • Record when and how equipment is used
  • Streamline booking of equipment and stock
  • Build equipment lists for jobs
  • Keeping track of and implementing all maintenance and service requirements
  • Store details about equipment like manuals and photos
  • Send reminders regarding equipment and more

Lost equipment and stock costs crane hire companies big money every year. Ditch the mountains of paper records and logs, reduce losses and step into complete autonomy with JGID’s RFID EZYiD system.

Timesheets and staff management

Keeping track of your staff and wages can be a job all by itself. However, with JGID, your wages and staff hours can be fully automated, allowing your crew to check into work onsite and log their hours in real-time.

This not only streamlines your timesheets and staff management, but it can also save significantly on staff commute times and company car or fleet costs by allowing your staff to clock in via their smartphones. This removes the need to start at the office or yard before heading to the worksite.

The best part about JGID working across all devices and platforms is the ability to run your business from anywhere you have an internet connection, giving you freedom of movement and complete autonomy.


Finalising payments on site can be done quickly and painlessly on-site on the final day of pack up by allowing complete remote payments by credit or debit card on any smart device. 

Your customer invoice can be emailed, and payment taken immediately, meaning you can both continue onto your next job without outstanding or overdue payments needing to be chased up at the end of the month.

Customer relationship management 

Repeat business is essential to success in the crane hire and operations game, and JGID is here to help you keep your business relations on point. JGID is the ideal customer relationship management (CRM) system for crane hire, allowing you to deliver on your promises and stay on top of your customer relationships.

JGID allows you to keep all your client information, like documents, contracts and invoices, in one convenient place, meaning you can pull up past job specifics at the click of a button.

This also allows you to keep complete job records for repeat business customers and personal, professional relationship information. From tracking EOFY thank you notes to industry exhibits and events, maintaining philanthropic partnerships, or any other information that helps you keep your customer relationships at an all-time high.

JGID is also great for business development, giving you a system to log potential leads, log potential project targets and keep on top of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Other high-risk industries that can benefit from JGID JMS

JGID has been developed especially for high-risk industries like crane hire and other adjacent and complementary high-risk and trade sectors that involve special skills, technicians and operators.

Other industries that can benefit from JGID’s customisable business management software include, but are not limited to:

  • Rope access professionals
  • Arborists
  • Height safety specialists
  • Riggers
  • Roofing experts
  • Diving specialists
  • Solar and wind energy technicians
  • Confined space workers
  • Drone operators
  • Trade specialists and more

If you require tailored job management software for crane hire and other high-risk speciality industries, then contact one of the consultants here at JGID today to find out more about how this software can streamline your high-risk business today.

JGID: Just Getting It Done

The team here at JGID are passionate about our job management software’s potential to help all high-risk industry professionals take control of their entire business and workflow.

JGID can aid in reducing the stress of running your crane hire or high-risk business by increasing productivity and helping make more time for the things that matter most, like more time with family and loved ones.

The ability to automate your business has never been easier or more trustworthy. Whether you are a fledgling business looking to give yourselves the best chance of success, or a well-established leader looking to take your business into the future, JGID can be optimised and customised to transcend your business to the next level.

We offer full on-site training and ongoing support for all JGID users while also listening to our client’s input and constantly striving to evolve the JGID system, meaning that JGID will grow over time, just like your business.

For more information about how you can transform your business workflow with the JGID job management software for crane hire and high-risk industries, contact our friendly staff today to arrange a consultation online or in person.

Send your enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our consultants will reply promptly or contact you at a preferred time.

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Rope Access Specialists - Job Management Software for High Risk Industries - JGID

Job Management Software for Rope Access Specialists

The rope access industry is booming. However, high-risk, high-altitude jobs, like high-rise window cleaning and multi-storey inspection and maintenance, often require complicated and cumbersome apparatus and rigging, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and, at times, risky.

Suppose something does go wrong due to extreme weather events, equipment failure, or structural damage. In that case, you may experience delays in productivity, general disruption to business, or even insurance or legal hassles.

Abseiling, also commonly known as rappelling, is a skill typically attributed to climbers, mountaineers, and emergency rescue professionals.

However, in more recent history, this unique skill of utilising ropes, anchors, and other minimalist equipment to descend vertical faces has been used in a range of industries, such as multi-storey window cleaning and building inspection and maintenance.

Rope access specialists are statistically safer, more thorough, and more cost-effective in circumstances where remote access to a multi-story building or structures exterior is required.

Rope access technicians continue to see rapid growth in their industry, seemingly faster than business automation and management software can be customised to its specific requirements. This is where JGID comes into the picture. JGID, short for Just Get It Done, is a job management software that has been optimised for rope access, high-risk and trade professionals. 

Read on to learn more about JMS job management software and how JGID can benefit a high-risk professional like a rope access specialist.

What is Job Management Software?

Job management software, or JMS for short, is a business operations program that helps you automate, manage and organise your day to day business activities. 

The more you can automate your business management, the more time you can free up for more productive activities, or more importantly, more time with loved ones and doing the things that matter most.

Running any business is complicated, and JGID job management software allows you to control and oversee all aspects of your business in one convenient application.

From keeping up with quotes to managing staff, taking payments, and even managing client and customer relations, JGID can help you streamline your business from front to back.

What makes JGID so unique?

Trying to synchronise multiple business management software platforms can be very frustrating and often do not work together. This can add hours of work and frustration to something that should be a relatively straightforward process.

Rather than endless tabbing and syncing, copying and pasting between different platforms, JGID can perform all job management tasks you require in one space.

The JGID job management software can perform tasks like:

  • Quoting and client leads
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Meetings and schedules
  • Staff management and hours
  • RFID equipment and stock movement
  • Stock keeping and inventory ordering
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Client approvals and much more

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What types of industries can benefit from JGID job management software?

Before JGID, many rope access, high-risk, and trade professionals may have had to use a number of incompatible business management software programs to run the various aspects of their day to day operations.

The JGID Job Management Software can take care of all aspects of your rope access, high-risk, or trade business with a single, simple to use and easy to integrate all-in-one job management software platform that keeps everything working and interacting in one place.

JGID job management software is ideal for all types of remote access, high-risk, and trade industry professionals, including:

No matter what sort of rope access, high-risk or specialist trade industry or sector you work in, JGID job management software can be tailored to meet your businesses unique management requirements.

Why JGID for rope access specialists?

Rope access businesses require many unique checks and balances to operate. Not just from a business aspect but also in safety and staff management.

There are always standard business operations, such as:

  • Job quotes and project management
  • Staff hours and payments
  • Tax, bookkeeping and invoicing
  • Job schedules and regular client maintenance
  • Stock and equipment management etcetera

However, rope access specialists also need to pay close attention to tracking their safety equipment and ensuring the proper inventory is booked out for the right job.

JGID can help you manage and automate aspects of your rope access business like:

  • RFID equipment tracking
  • Employee location and job status
  • Scheduled maintenance of ropes, harnesses and other vital equipment
  • Inventory movement and reordering
  • Automated invoice payments and reminder notices
  • On-site digital security access approvals and much more

With JGID’s RFID equipment tracking and staff management systems, you can be sure that the correct safety gear and equipment have been logged out for the right job via infrared scanning. You can also ensure staff all the proper security clearances and paperwork to avoid any delays on site.

You can also link critical job information for individual jobs for your technicians to access via your JGID business porthole, such as maps, photos and equipment manuals. The mobile staff management system can also help you optimise staff safety by showing who has checked in and out remotely on-site and the status of the jobs at hand in real-time.

This system also helps you automate your vital equipment maintenance scheduling, staff training and site briefing information, ensuring you meet or exceed all government-mandated SWMS, JSA and OH&S regulations and specifications.

JGID really does provide rope access specialists with an all-in-one solution for their unique business model. 

With an easy-to-use dashboard and organic user interface, this system also allows you to seamlessly link your job management software across all company devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

JGID: Dedicated high-risk and rope access job management software

JGID job management software can save you time, money, unnecessary complication and stress by automating your business management systems today with an all in one high-risk management software system tailored to your industry.

If you are ready to take your rope access or high-risk business management and development to the next level, then contact one of our expert consultants today to discuss how JGID job management software can optimise your rope access, high-risk or specialty-trade business.

Call during business hours via phone, or contact our helpdesk via email.

Send your enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our friendly staff can contact you at your  convenience.

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