Our Company Mission

Help you run more efficient and profitable businesses
Create a better, cleaner, fairer world


A thriving JGID Community of privately owned SME’s
A zero emissions zero waste business model by no later 2025


Social responsibility
Environmental responsibility
Proactive about necessary changes
Feedback From Our Valued Customers


I have been using JGID for 24 months now and I have found JGID to be a very good tool to assist with my on-site staff management.
The ability to have all documents flowing freely between the staff and clients on-site and the administration has really helped my team help my business efficiencies. I thoroughly recommend JGID for any company that has staff working out on-site.
Jim Hill,


Our goal and primary purpose of being in business is to improve life as a whole for everyone and everything that comes into contact, directly or indirectly, with any of the products or services of the JGID Community.

To achieve this goal we will treat all humans, animals, plants and other natural resources with the utmost respect, consideration and compassion.

Our fundamental principal is to endeavour to give back more than we take and to only engage in honourable business practises and transactions with a clear win-win outcome for all parties involved. This principal will also apply to waste & rubbish i.e. we will pick up/clean up more than we create.

Whilst we are clearly for profit; and profit as well as net growth are essential for the existence of a business, they are not our primary purpose for being, and we will not compromise our beliefs and principals for the sake of financial rewards for a few individuals.

We seek to find alternatives to the use of fossil fuels for energy production and pledge to develop a zero emissions, zero waste business model by no later than 2025.

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