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“The ADAS Dive Project Management course is a nationally recognised qualification at an advanced level, with an emphasis on practical application of skills in a business environment. Outcomes are Advanced Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Dive Project Management) National Code 80956ACT or Advanced Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Projects) National Code 80957ACT.” January 2017

However, to effectively manage a modern diving or marine services business also requires lean management, rigorous attention to detail and adoption of best industry practice. With the aim of deriving full value from services as diverse and complex as; deep diving in-shore/off- shore; inspections, surveys and maintenance services; deployment of ROVs, barges, EWPs and decompression chambers; photography, salvage, environmental protection, HST, NDT, anchoring and more.

These require businesses to adopt appropriate industry specific, business management software that will swiftly and accurately validate different service offerings and field tests. A software that show Management in an instant the relative value of one service to another, based on the empirical evidence of your own contracts. A system that displays data acquisitions to field staff and management with differing levels of authority.


JGID is rapidly becoming the job management software of choice for our high risks industry. Developed at a cost of almost AUD $3million, we leverage the technology to keep your business at the forefront of best industry practice. It allows you to embrace changing industry practices such as the increasing use of remote ROVs. JGID helps you to maximise your profits through the automation of routine administrative functions. It accelerates the production of site specific quotations by the automated generation of SWMS, JHAs, PPPS and more. ISO registers from WHS to Environment or Quality controls allow you to expand the scope of your work, improve your staff effectiveness and maximise your profitability. Handling gas, oil and energy company; site specific forms into your quotes along with annotated photos and video is a breeze for JGID.


JGID is Cloud based technology, operating in real-time with data transmitted instantly from site to office; from field staff to Management in the blink of an eye. It gives owners and Management the opportunity to schedule complex work programs and not compromise employment legislation. It facilitates scheduling on the fly when weather conditions interrupt previous meticulous planning. JGID is cost effective man management; a holistic project, job and business management software that puts control of your business where it belongs, in the palm of your hand.

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