Business Owners & Managers in high-risk industries are often responsible for multiple projects at any one time. Job management software is a way to simplify the moving parts while minimising the amount of work required. It can help eliminate hours of admin, and with a mobile app, it can help keep staff organised knowing where the job is located. They can clock in and clock out and create worksheets from the app, reducing unnecessary admin.

From efficient collaboration among teams to ensuring deadlines are met, compliance is adhered to, and clients are happy. Quality job management software can help you stay organised, keep your team up to date, and reduce your admin and paperwork. Read on to learn more from the job management software experts at JGID.

How can job management software help?

Job management software allows you to efficiently plan your projects, while also managing available resources with ease. In high-risk industries, in particular, the right job management software can make significant improvements to your processes.

Arborist JGID Job Management Software

Some of these primary benefits include:

Improved planning and scheduling

Job management falls apart when the planning and scheduling process does not work. Job management software can provide a clear record of the required tasks and incoming jobs while creating a consistent scheduling plan that all staff members can access. From allocating resources to setting up deadlines and creating deliverables, you can create these tasks with ease, from anywhere you need.

Improved collaboration

Making sure everyone is on the same page about the various day-to-day responsibilities while keeping stakeholders informed is critical. Dodge the communication gap with job management software and ensure there are no unnecessary delays or wasted resources.

Job management software makes effective collaboration simple by keeping all communications in one place. The project timeline, status updates, alerts and more can be easily and automatically accessed or sent to the relevant parties.

Easy task delegation

Assign tasks quickly to improve efficiency across the team with the simple delegation of jobs to staff. All team members have access to the job location, notes and details.

Simple file access and sharing

Safe and secure ways of accessing and sharing important documents, with cloud-based storage included creates even further efficiencies. Make changes, leave feedback, and annotate to ensure total transparency within your team.

Effective risk mitigation

Job management software allows for greater risk mitigation strategies and quicker deployment of effective counter measures. When you work in a high-risk industry, any chance to avoid project risks is vital.

How JGID Job Management Software Can Help

JGID allows you to manage your entire business or project efficiently while on the go from your phone, tablet or computer. You’ll have a simple, overall view of everything that is going on in your business, saving you time on a range of project tasks.

Some of the key benefits that will help managers and owners in high-risk industries include:

The Dashboard

This “helicopter view” shows you everything you need in regards to your business on any device.

Customer Service

All documentation and information relevant to your clients can be found in one place, allowing for more efficient customer service, no matter where you are.

Easy Quoting

Enjoy fast and easy quoting with set items and templates to trim down the time your quotes take you to prepare. This includes any specific clauses and texts being automated to allow for truly consistent quoting.

Easy Approvals

Client signatures and approvals just got a lot easier, with our online signing. This means fast electronic approval before any work begins.


With drag and drop scheduling on desktop or mobile, you can easily and quickly schedule jobs and assign team members to them. All relevant job information appears so the staff member can access it, you’ll never have to make a phone call again!

Recurring Jobs

The repeat job function makes regular scheduling a breeze. Assign default staff for automatic scheduling, keep notes and photos for future reference and ensure that every customer contact is through.


Do you regularly need to order materials for individual jobs? Save on shipping and bundle items together for efficient ordering based on approved quotes or job scope.

Completely Mobile

We know that in high-risk industries, you and your team are always on the go. JGID makes it easier to know where you are going, what you need to do, what to bring and whom to contact. Thanks to our automatic scope of works, tool picklists and more in the mobile interface, downtime on-site will be no more. Save time organising staff in the evening for the next day’s work by fully automating the entire task.

These are merely some of the many benefits this JGID can provide. We recommend a chat with one of our team to see how JGID can be tailored to your exact needs.

Want to learn more about how JGID Job Management Software can assist you?

JGID is a premium solution for high-risk industry business owners that will revolutionise the way you work, saving you significant amounts of time and reducing human error.

We service the following industries:

  • Rope Access
  • Rigging
  • Arborists
  • Diving
  • Roofing
  • Crane Hire
  • Solar
  • Drones
  • Confined Spaces
  • High-Risk Works
  • And more

See what some of our existing customers have to say about how this software has helped them. To find out how you can specifically benefit, chat with one of our expert team members today. We can help design an automated process, an overarching view of your business, so you can focus your time on getting the job done, safety on-site and business growth.