Rope access, Crane and high-risk professionals offer a unique service that requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Having effective scheduling software is crucial to ensuring workflow efficiency and maintaining a high level of customer service.

There is a wide range of business and job management software programs on the market that contain scheduling programs.

However, many of these programs do not address job management software needs unique to rope access and high-risk industries. That was until JGID business management software.

JGID, short for just get it done, is an all-in-one job management software program that has been developed specifically for rope access and other high-risk industries.

This innovative software includes advanced, fully customisable systems, including syncopated utilities, such as:

  • Job Scheduling
  • Job Management Software
  • Job Equipment Management Software
  • Job Quoting
  • Job Invoicing
  • Timesheets and more

As well as rope access professionals, other high-risk industries that can benefit significantly from JGID business management software include, but are not limited to:

Read on to learn more about the scheduling capabilities of JGID business management software and its many other customisable features.

High-risk industry job scheduling software

JGID job management software program for high-risk industries, like rope access technicians, has been developed from extensive research with high-risk professionals. With JGID, you can manage your entire business front to back, from initial quoting to final payments.

This complete, tailorable job and equipment management software features:

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Quote management utilities
  • Scheduling system
  • CRM
  • Remote client approval capabilities
  • Accounts and payment systems
  • Staff management
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Auditing and more

JGID’s capabilities provide you with complete control of your high-risk and rope access business, automating your systems, freeing up your time and saving you money by streamlining your processes.

JGID job scheduling software

JGID’s easy to use drag and drop scheduling system allows you to manage your staff’s workload, ensuring nothing gets missed and that jobs are well planned and punctual.

Job Management Software Accessibility

The JGID dashboard is accessible from all remote devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, allowing all authorised personnel to access and adjust your work schedules in real-time as your week progresses.

It can also link to all other job management features and job information on the software, including:

  • Scope of work
  • Stock and equipment picklists
  • Site address and site contact
  • JHA and more

The scope of the JGID job scheduling software utility is easy to use and gives unprecedented control over your daily operations.

JGID’s scheduling feature makes sure you won’t double book your jobs and that the right technician or staff member has been assigned to the booking, meaning no confusion, no job trip hazards, just smooth sailing on your weekly schedule.

Other JGID Job Management Software features

In the past, high-risk businesses, like rope access professionals, have had to rely on multiple software programs to run their business.

Often, these programs could not be integrated, meaning you needed to engage in hours of frustrating and time-consuming tasks that involve re-entering information into each program to achieve symbiosis, leaving space for miscommunication, mistakes and costly errors.

JGID stands alone as an all-in-one business management software for high-risk businesses, offering complete control over your company operations.


Never misquote again with JGID’s easy to operate quoting program. As with all JGID utilities, the quoting system can be accessed via any remote device so that all authorised staff and estimators can quote on the spot at any time.

The program offers a range of quoting templates that feature full-colour images and detailed descriptions that will transform your quoting protocols. Your estimators may wonder how they got by without JGID, automating your entire quoting process, including clauses and texts, uploaded to the cloud-based system in real-time.

Client approvals

Long wait times and meeting schedules can often complicate approvals by clients, whether that be for the job itself or access, safety and security authorisations.

JGID’s client approval system allows digital signatures on any device. The approval is immediately uploaded to the client file, and the client can have an automated email sent with all relevant information attached.

Recurring jobs

Many rope access technicians and other high-risk workers will have scheduled recurring jobs, such as window cleaning and maintenance. JGID can automate all future recurring jobs in advance, ensuring all authorised and assigned staff are literally on the same page regarding future jobs.

Staff management

Being a complete job management software, JGID also takes care of all your staff management needs.

Clock in and out

The JGID staff management system can be remotely accessed by your entire team, receiving instant notifications of any changes throughout the day or week.

In addition, JGID utilises GPS stamping, so you know what job your team members are currently servicing.

All timesheets and job allocations can be accessed remotely by your staff from any smartphone, tablet or laptop so that team members can get straight to the job, clock in, perform all necessary work and clock out.

Mobile timesheets and wages

JGID automates your staff hours and wage payments with an intuitive, easy view and operating system, meaning no missed payments, problems with public holiday pay, or missed hours that need to be corrected.

The clear, concise nature of the timesheet designs also means it can be understood by anyone with minimal training, which is all provided by the JGID facilitators.

Inventory and stock

JGID offers total control over your stock and inventory, including vital information such as:

  • Inventory and stock pictures
  • Materials
  • Consumables
  • First aid components
  • Tools bits and much more

As inventory is digitally signed out, JGID immediately updates your system for all to see, saving hours of manual paperwork and cross-checks.

JGID can also be set up to perform automated reordering of stock, meaning you are never caught out with no inventory for jobs.

This system also makes stock taking a breeze, not only streamlining your stock takes for tax time but also significantly reducing write-offs for missing inventory or inaccurate counts throughout the fiscal year.

Equipment management software

Whether you require better equipment organisation or need to keep better track of your equipment’s whereabouts, JGID has you covered.

The JGID RFID system allows you to track all your equipment in one place; no paperwork is required, and no risk of human error. This system even syncs with your job management system, allocating your equipment ahead of schedule.

This impressive equipment management software also stores and provides essential information and functions, including:

  • Equipment details
  • Gear photos and manuals
  • Builds and manages gear lists for jobs
  • Manages equipment loans and returns
  • Records when and how equipment is used and more

In high-risk jobs, like rope access, equipment safety and compliance audits are essential to the well being of your staff and clients.

JGID equipment management software allows for automated control over your gear safety audits, inspections and maintenance of your equipment, including functions and features like:

  • Audit trails of all inspections
  • Notifications of inspections times
  • Qualifications and when they expire and more

All data is stored in the cloud, meaning easy recovery if you have system issues. This cloud-based system also allows all information to be accessed anywhere and anytime by remote devices.


Many customer relationship management (CRM) software programs on the market help your business development team solidify future jobs and expand your client base.

However, when your CRM syncopates with your all-in-one business management software, then you can genuinely streamline and optimise your business development and customer service capabilities.

Invoicing and payments

This is the age of automation, and JGID automates every aspect of your high-risk business protocols, especially when it comes to invoicing and client payments.

Job Management Software Compatible With Xero

The minute your job is signed off, your client’s invoice is immediately emailed and recorded on the JGID system via Xero’s connected app, and all payments can be made via credit card via Stripe.

The JGID GoMobile app can also take payments on-site, via any smart or remote device, finalising outstanding invoices on the day, minimising the number of invoices you have to chase at the end of the month or financial year.

JGID: Just Get It Done! Job Management Software

As much as JGID has been created by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, it has also been developed by you, the rope-access and high-risk worker.

The goal of JGID was to help high-risk workers automate their business, making their company more streamlined, efficient, profitable and sustainable.

This innovative, customisable job management software can be tailored to your high-risk business’s unique needs, offering you unprecedented automation and control over your company’s daily operations.

We Provide Training

We provide comprehensive on-site training and ongoing support to our customers while providing emergency support. We also continually strive to develop this program with the help of our many happy clients.

As a company owner and operator, you may even find that JGID gives you the best gift of all; More time to do the things you love and more time with the ones you love. If you would like to know more about the JGID BMS revolution, then call one of our helpful consultants today via phone or email.

Send your details and inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our team members can contact you at a preferred time.