If you’re running a trade business in 2022, using a job management solution is a must. Quoting potential clients, scheduling jobs and invoicing customers are all time-consuming elements of any business. Utilising great job management software can help you do all this and more in one convenient program. 

Continue reading to find out how to streamline many of your daily tasks and save valuable time.

What should job management software do for tradespeople?

Professionals in the high-risk industry require customisable job management software suited to their trade. Finding a user-friendly, all-inclusive job management program that will track your jobs from start to finish is essential. You have other, more important things to focus on while on-site (like safety), so your software needs to be simple and intuitive.

Smart Scheduling Calendar

Through our collaboration with arborists, we understand the scheduling challenges of changing weather conditions and client demands. That’s why JGID has created a simple drag-and-drop calendar in our user-friendly arborist scheduling software

Stay organised on the go. Keep your whole team updated with what jobs are coming up, when quotes are due, and last-minute schedule changes. The shared access calendar allows for auto-notification to your staff, colour coordination of job types and much more.

An approved quote will send you a notification, allowing you to drag and drop it into the next available place in your calendar. This is then visible to everyone you’ve authorised in your team. Staff can be assigned to specific jobs, which they can view with all the related information such as dates, times, contacts, and more.

Suppose you need to update your schedule because of weather conditions or client requests; easy! Simply drag and drop from within your calendar to update your schedule, and your whole team can be notified in real-time. This assists you in remaining flexible and running a tight ship.

Other Important Features to Consider


It’s important to have an intuitive dashboard where you can see everything you need about your business and fast. The ability to easily track the status of all your new enquiries, quotes and current jobs is very valuable. You should also be able to set yourself tasks and reminders to make sure you never miss appointments. It should also include the ability for customisation to suit your business. 

Safety is crucial in high-risk industries. So, making sure your team is up to date with all their required training and qualifications should be easily accessible from your dashboard.


CRMs (customer relationship managers) are key to keeping track of all your clients, past and present, and the jobs you’ve done for them. You may end up doing repeat business for a client, so having a record of the equipment you used for the job or the height of the trees needing to be lopped, can be valuable information to store in your customers’ records. You can even keep photos and notes regarding clients.  

Billing Made Easy

Billing clients should be simple, so your job management software needs to have online invoicing and make it easy for clients to pay. Once clients receive their digital invoices, they should have the option to pay these using their credit card safely and securely on any device.

Ordering & Inventory

Keeping track of all your equipment is much easier if it can be done in one place. Running low on rope? Simply add it to your next order. Choose your supplier when you need it delivered, and even group orders together to save on shipping.

Improved Accessibility

Having your job management software available on almost any device allows you and your team to remain as mobile as required. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to stay connected with staff and clients whenever it suits you!

Timesheets with Ease

It can be quite a task to stay on top of which worker did how many hours on what job. Using a clock in and out function will make this a breeze. With GPS-stamped timesheets, workers can clock in and out at each job, improving accountability and overall time tracking of a job. 

Choose JGID for amazing results

JGID’s job management software has all the pre-mentioned features and loads more! It’s time you joined the growing number of high-risk industry specialists enjoying the benefits of automation and business growth with JGID. 

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