Nearly all national safe work codes of practice have been reviewed and updated by the Queensland Government and other states and territories, to come into effect 1 March 2021.

This is in line with a nationwide agreement in 2015 that all Australian work health and safety regulators will review the codes of practice every five years.

In consultation with industry stakeholders, the 21 Queensland codes of practice that are based on national codes of practice have been updated and approved for this state. This process ensures the new codes reflect Queensland specific legislation and laws, so that workers, businesses and the economy will all benefit.

The new codes commence on 1 March.

This review was limited to technical accuracy, usability and readability—content was not reviewed at this stage. Some matters in the codes therefore do not represent a contemporary understanding of the work environment and these will be addressed with Safe Work Australia and industry stakeholders in the near future.

The following Queensland codes of practice have been approved and will take effect on 1 March 2021:

Source: WorkSafe QLD