As the leading Australian rope access management software, Just Get It Done (JGID) was developed with specialist service-oriented businesses in mind. The industry-focused knowledge that propelled the creation of the JGID software stems from our own experience working in these fields and understanding the specific management requirements of each demand.

JGID was created to help service-minded SMEs be better, completing their work more efficiently and strategically. Using a job management system like JGID helps businesses achieve higher profits, increase customer satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Our support of such industries extends beyond our management software development, and it is an important goal of our company to do this any way we can. This motivation was most recently displayed in a new membership we’ve obtained. We’ve just joined the ARAA, the Australian Rope Access Association, due in part to our close connections to the rope access and height safety industries.

Why we join the Australian Rope Access Association

JGID has chosen to join an organisation such as the Australian Rope Access Association because we share a significant portion of their values and mission. The ARAA promotes professional advancement in many areas of rope access, prioritising safety, ethics, and quality above all. Ethical practices are vital across the business world. Elements of safety and quality are of vast importance in many different fields, and are particularly so with regards to rope access and working at heights or confined spaces.

Partnership with like-minded organisations such as the ARAA is important to us at JGID. We believe strongly in supporting development within service-focused industries such as rope access. Joining organisations that share that same mission can help JGID further our support in practical ways. Membership also provides us with important resources to help us adapt and improve our job management software, keeping pace with changing industry needs and best practices.

We also know we are contributing to Australia-wide rope access and height safety development. Supporting an organisation like ARAA, which helps to create safe work environment benchmarks for rope access professionals, means that we can help promote higher standards across the board. That results in a safer, more secure work community for all.

What the ARAA Does

ARAA provides its members (like us) with many benefits. Membership definitely imparts the advantage of professional recognition. But it’s more than a name or a membership card. In addition to the values-based reasons we outlined above, the ARAA provides practical resources and opportunities for its members at every level. Networking and connecting with other rope access or industry-focused professionals is a benefit afforded by the ARAA website itself.

Resources such as trade publications are available to members, making it easy to keep abreast of industry news and developments. This is a must for those directly involved in height safety and rope access works, as well as for businesses that liaise with or support them—like JGID.

Lastly, the ARAA offers select training opportunities and can point members in the direction of reputable training centres. This equates to a more polished level of work overall, something that benefits everyone involved in the industry, and those who make use of rope access services as well.

JGID is proud of our membership in the ARAA and proud to support specialist industries throughout Australia. We’re continually working to hone the JGID software to better meet the demands of industry-specific job management. ARAA is just one of the many ways we achieve this.

Our Management Software is applicable to all High-Risk Service Industries: