Any solar contractor will say that running a solar business is a full-time commitment. There is constant communication with clients and staff, endless quoting and invoicing, and stock and job management. All this can be hard for a solar contractor to deal with and, at times, can become overwhelming. And that is where job scheduling software is needed. 

However, help is here with the job scheduling software for solar contractors available to support business management and operations.

JGID or (Just Get It Done) has the best contractor scheduling software for a solar contractor, with its extensive features relieving stress and giving peace of mind to all who use it. The job scheduling software is designed to help with daily tasks such as quoting, invoicing, and timesheets. It also gives solar contractors a platform to view things like schedule progress, stock levels, and staff site location from any device they choose. 

JGID – job scheduling software for a solar contractor

There is indeed other job scheduling software out there, and they probably do a reasonable job. However, when running a solar business, you shouldn’t settle for reasonable; you should only consider the best.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors is an all-in-one software that does not need add-ons or additional platforms to function. The countless features can be used on any device and support administrative, procurement, logistic and working tasks. 

Not only is it a life changer for a solar contractor to better manage business operations, but it also is invaluable for all staff in the office and onsite. Staff can access work scopes, report job progress, advise any delays, track material delivery, view OHS procedures and JHAs, clock in and out, all while not leaving their desk or getting down from the roof.

JGID is the best contractor job scheduling software for a solar contractor and should be considered essential for all solar businesses. 


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JGID’s job scheduling software key features include:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Stock Inventory
  • Ordering
  • Timesheets
  • Client Approvals
  • Payment
  • Equipment Register
  • OHS Procedures

Easy-to-use job scheduling software from any device in any location

JGID job scheduling software is easy for any solar contractor to use, with helpful tutorials and straightforward instructions to get you started. The dashboard setup gives a helicopter view of all aspects of your solar business that can be seen on any tablet, phone or computer of choice, in any location.

It is often the first time a solar contractor sees their business operation laid out on one screen, giving them full clarity and control like never before. A user can move from a full business overview to an in-depth inventory or live job reports or updated timesheets with a few pushes of a button.

JGID job scheduling software is also compatible with Xero and Quickbook to transfer all account data seamlessly, Stripe to allow quick and easy payments and Dropbox to send all large or archived files.

The benefits of job scheduling software for solar contractors 

From the initial quotation to job completion, there are countless benefits of JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors. Here we discuss some of the core benefits to your solar business and why you should implement the invaluable software today.

Streamlines quoting and invoicing

Quoting a solar installation job comes with significant risk, as underquoting can lead to a financial hit on your business. The misquote can be avoided by using JGID business software which incorporates many tools to allow a streamlined and transparent quoting and invoicing system.

From professional templates and automated invoicing to electronic approval signing and recorded variances, all your solar jobs will be controlled to the cent all day, every day. Along with a clear and correct price list for services, materials and consumables, the stress of quotation and invoicing is quickly turned into a risk-free task.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors will ensure you never sell yourself short when quoting a job, giving you the confidence that all services, materials and consumables are adequately covered when invoices are sent.

It saves precious time and money

Most solar contractors know the amount of time spent quoting solar jobs, sending invoices, processing timesheets, and all the other neverending admin tasks every week. Even though they are necessary for business success, they eat into the valuable time better spent on the job. 

Using JGID software, these mundane and time-consuming tasks become automated and simple, freeing up many hours during your working week. The digital platform can be set up to your solar business’s needs, keeping track of jobs and timesheets, sending quotes and invoicing, and making scheduled payments, all while you are quoting jobs, visiting sites or enjoying some family time.

JGID job scheduling software is seriously life-changing and will ensure all your administrative tasks are completed on time, every time, and stress-free.

Manages jobs to ensure efficient outcomes

Managing jobs is one of the biggest challenges for any solar contractor. Keeping on top of site progress, required materials, staff allocation, OH&S, JHA’s and quote variances, all while keeping clients updated on their solar installation, is an endless and tiring job. And a job that JGID job management software is designed to make easier.

JGID job management software can help solar contractors manage their jobs for efficient outcomes. The software features include assigning staff to projects with work scopes, JHA’s and OHS procedures, receiving in-time progress reports and job delay alerts, and all site and client information. This allows a solar contractor to control all their solar jobs simultaneously on any device, at any time.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractor helps manage jobs to an elite level, saving you time while keeping staff happy and clients satisfied. At the end of the day, improved job management leads to improved business outcomes. 

Guarantees adequate stock levels and material ordering

Stock management is crucial in running a solar contractor business as any stock issue not only delays the job affected but creates a ripple effect for all other solar jobs scheduled. Ordering stock, delivering materials, and using them to complete a job sounds like an easy process, but we all know that a hiccup occurs more often than desirable.

With JGID stock management software, you can keep on top of all stock status by automating stock ordering on essential materials and consumables. With the ability to check stock levels, delivery times, and materials received on-site from any device, a solar contractor can have the peace of mind their staff can carry on without delays and disruption. 

So when you use the best job scheduling software for a solar contractor, it will remove all fears of diminished stock levels and unexpected material delays that can vastly affect monthly scheduling. And let’s not forget the online catalogues at your fingertips to refer to when pricing and ordering.

Promotes safer workplace practice

Safe workplace practices can be constant stress for a solar contractor who fears an accident may occur on their worksite. Solar installations come with high-risk, from working at heights to electrical connections and all the other manual handling jobs in between.

JGID job scheduling software is the peace of mind solar contractors have been hoping for. The software includes compliance documentation such as SWMS, JHAs and PPPs for staff to refer to and follow to ensure the safest workplace practices. It also contains incident reports and WorkCover claims, giving a clear communication and recording platform between a solar contractor and their staff.

JGID job scheduling software for solar contractor promotes safer workplace practice to limit the risk of site accidents and miscommunication. It really is a saviour for solar contractors to look after their staff by offering optimum safety.

Business, administration and equipment management software for high-risk industries

JGID (Just Get it Done) is a comprehensive business, administration and equipment management software designed to support all high-risk industries. The Software can be configured to be industry-specific, covering all tasks involved to run a business of the particular fields. 

Whether you are an arborist needing height safety documentation, undertake rope access jobs requiring a dependable equipment registry or are a solar contractor lacking administrative support, JGID software is here to help. 

By implementing JGID business, administration and equipment management software, your high-risk industry business will flourish with consistent and accurate outcomes, all keeping a safe working environment.

Make the change and simplify your solar business

By using JGID job scheduling software for solar contractors you are essentially simplifying your solar business. With automated admin tasks and an all-in-one management platform, a solar contractor will save time, improve efficiency, increase profits and have more personal time. 

JGID is the best job scheduling software for solar contractors, allowing you to control every aspect of your business from your device. 

Sign up for the all-inclusive free 14-day trial and notice the immediate transformation of your solar business and lifestyle. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and tailored training to suit solar contractors, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the JGID change today.