Job Management Software is a tool needed for Crane hire enterprises. There are significant figures involved in bookkeeping, with lots of safety regulations, security, and staff to manage, all while dealing with contracts that could take months or years to see out.

While there are many business or job management software programs on the market, few can be tailored to meet the unique needs of crane hire companies and other high-risk industries.

That was until JGID job management software. JGID, short for just get it done, has been developed in collaboration with high-risk professionals like crane hire technicians and business owners.

This all-in-one job management software can revolutionise your business’s workflow and operations, giving you unprecedented control from one easy place. Read on to learn more about JGID job management software.

How JGID Job Management System Can Help You? 

JGID allows high-risk trade workers from all high-risk industries to manage and control their business from front to back while automating many processes that would typically take hours a week or months to complete.

Examples of industries that JGID has been developed for include, but are not limited to:

JGID allows you to view and control all aspects of your business. Never before has a high-risk company had so much control from one intuitive, easy to manage job management software program.

JGID crane hire management

Because JGID was designed to be tailored to any individual high-risk company’s format and operations systems, our team of designers has allowed for JGID to be tailored for your crane enterprise.

Examples of crane-related industries that JGID can be customised to meet includes:

  • Mining
  • Urban and residential development
  • Industrial construction
  • Civil crane applications and more

Our experienced software development team can optimise JGID to control all aspects of your crane business without needing multiple software programs and creating a complete symbiosis with your job management systems.

Job Management Software Dashboard

JGID is operated from an intuitive helicopter dashboard that gives you access to your entire business operations in one clear, concise and easy to understand format.

The dashboard allows you to view your business’s daily operations status from any device, including:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

This dashboard can be accessed by all authorised staff, allowing everyone to see information like:

  • Active and quoted jobs
  • Staff placement and workload
  • Site contacts and information
  • Business analysis
  • Tasks to complete
  • Invoices and much more

There is no more scrolling between different software programs, no more staff information errors, no more assuming or guessing through your workday.

Instead, JGID gives you a complete view of your business in real-time 24/7, streamlining your actions and operations like never before in one convenient place.

Job Management Software – Quoting

Never misquote again with JGIDs advanced quoting template system. JGID allows all authorised staff to access the system from all smart remote devices.

Once the quote has been completed, it is saved to the system and automatically sent to the existing or potential client via email, ready for future approval.

Job Management Software – Client approvals

Because of JGID’s versatile access capabilities from remote devices, any authorised staff member can take digital approvals, like signatures, on-site from the relevant authorities.

This streamlines the quoting and job approval process, simplifying things for all involved and instantly sending a breakdown of all costs and job information to all relevant parties.

Job Management Software – Scheduling

Although the crane game, time is money! Because crane contracts can be one-off jobs, many can also be long-term projects. Therefore, effective scheduling is critical to ensure that all client needs are met and that there is no inconvenient overlap between jobs.

JGID’s advanced scheduling system ensures all authorised managers and employees are on top of every aspect of the job, reducing confusion and ensuring your jobs are carried out like clockwork.

Job Management Software – Staff management

With long-term or project crane contracts, you may not have the same technician operating the crane each day or week, which can confuse management, staff and site authorities over the contract’s term.

JGID business management software for the crane industry can ensure everyone is on the same page in advance of all jobs. Receiving notifications whenever a change is made or new authorisations have been implemented; quick, clear and concise scheduling and time management for all staff members.

Timesheets and staff payments

Get on with the job by having your staff clock in and out remotely from their smart device on-site, in real-time—no more losing hours of productivity in commutes and unnecessary office visits.

Using GPS stamping, you know who is where and in what crane from the time they arrive on-site to the time they clock off, leaving no guessing, no missed hours and no chasing up missed or inaccurate staff payments.

Job Management Software – Invoicing

Chasing invoices at the end of the month or financial year can be time consuming and frustrating. However, because JGID is a completely linked system, all your invoicing information is right at your fingertips, settling disputes in record time and allowing you to streamline your invoicing process.

This means all approvals, signatures, emails, authorisations, work logs, site inductions and other information are available to view and share without going through mountains of paperwork or sifting through files. With JGID, all invoicing is fast, easy and reliable.

Customer payments

To make customer payments even more straightforward, JGID uses world-leading payments systems like Stripe so that clients can make credit card payments via an email link or on-site via the JGID app.

Easy payments, 24/7, 365-days a year. With JGID, managing your business’s income has never been more straightforward, reliable, transparent or traceable.


In the current world of high-risk business, like crane hire, customer relationship management is essential in ensuring ongoing business and client satisfaction.

JGID’s CRM allows you to keep track of all your clients and ensure you are providing optimal service and support, guaranteeing the loyalty of your existing clients and providing critical data to help you expand your business in the future.

Maintenance scheduling

The OH&S protocols around the crane industry are prolific, and failure to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and repairs can risk the lives of your technicians, site workers and the public.

JGID can fully automate your scheduled maintenance systems to ensure nothing is missed in making your crane enterprise safe and compliant with all internal, site, and Government-mandated OH&S protocols.

The JGID database can also link all relevant information to each piece of crane equipment, including details like:

  • Manuals and pictures
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance and repair contacts and services
  • Equipment checklists and more

Save time and money by allowing JGID’s automated systems to take the reins of your scheduled maintenance, and rest easier knowing that you are on top of your business’s OH&S obligations.

RFID equipment tracking

A wide array of equipment and parts are required to operate a crane safely. Keeping track of in and outgoing stock and equipment has never been easier or more accurate than with JGID equipment management software.

JGID’s RFID scanning and GPS tagging ensure your equipment management software is working for you, with a mobile scan in and scan out system that can be used via any smart device, like smartphones and tablets, updating records and stock levels in real-time.

Other information that can be integrated into your equipment management system includes:

  • Equipment information, including photos and manuals
  • Audit trails of equipment inspections
  • Automated and manual gear lists for jobs
  • Management of equipment loans and returns
  • Record qualifications and expiry dates
  • Equipment use records and more

JGID’s equipment management system can also help you manage equipment safety checking and maintenance schedules, with push notifications available to alert you when each item is due for inspection.

All information is stored in the cloud allowing you and authorised staff to access information anywhere, anytime.

Job Management Software – On-site training

JGID wants you and your crane technicians to get the absolute best out of this revolutionary crane management software. We provide complete on-site training and ongoing support, helping you further tailor your job management software to your crane company’s unique requirements.

Our expert facilitators spend all the time needed to create systematic learning of all aspects of JGID’s features and operations, ensuring that your entire team experiences JGID’s full potential for job and equipment management.

All-in-one crane job management software

Our main objective is to streamline your business operations. This saves you time, money, and stress, so you can focus on expansion. Our team of developers and facilitators will ensure your system is fully optimised for your crane business. After a few months of JGID working for you, you may wonder how you got through without it.

Join the many other successful, high-risk industry business owners who have transformed their business operations with JGID job management software.

For more information about JGID for the crane industry, contact us today via the toll-free number for your region, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our helpful consultants can contact you at a prefered time.