If you are an experienced roofing professional, you may have a lot to think about. With several jobs on the go, while trying to keep track of quotes and managing staff, things can quickly get on top of you.

As if things were not complicated enough, there are a myriad of other tasks that require attention to keep your business operating, such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Staff hours
  • Superannuation and taxes
  • Account management
  • Inventory
  • Client payments
  • Customer relations management
  • Stock and equipment management and more

Somewhere in that mix of duties, you may find some time to spend with your family, and if you are fortunate, some time to yourself. If only there were an easier way?

This is where JGID comes into play. JGID, short for Just Get It Done, is an all-in-one job management software program for roofing service and high-risk workers. Read on to learn more.

Complete roofing services job management software

Before JGID job management software, high-risk technicians, such as roofing service professionals, rope access specialists, arborists and confined space workers, have had to utilise various software programs to run business operations.

Examples of the kinds of different types of software system roofing service professionals may require to operate effectively include:

  • Quoting programs
  • Bookkeeping systems
  • Client account and payment software
  • Stock and equipment management programs
  • Staff management and wages systems
  • CRM software and more

Operating, managing, and syncing these programs can be frustrating and exhausting, with some programs being completely incompatible, creating extra work for you or your management team, and costing valuable time that may be better utilised elsewhere.

These traditional business management software programs also rarely offer customisable solutions tailored to the unique parameters required for a roofing service or high-risk business.

JGID offers one complete job management software solution for your roofing company, seamlessly linking your entire business operations to any device, whether that be PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

JGID all-in-one job management software

Trade and high-risk businesses all have unique operations and protocols. JGID allows you to customise your job management software to give you a streamlined workflow year in, year out.

This all-in-one job management system offers you a helicopter view of your entire business, providing you with complete control of your daily operations in one convenient place.


Never risk misquoting your jobs again. JGID job management software provides fast and easy quoting for roofing service specialists, with fully customisable templates allowing you to get the quotes done quickly and accurately every time.

JGID allows you to automate your quoting processes with an intuitive graphic user interface allowing you or your estimator’s easy operation, funnelling all potential clients and job prospects into one clear and concise database.

This means more workers on the roof and less time wasted in the office going through endless estimates, confusing calculations, and avoiding costly mistakes easily made in a traditional quoting process.

Scheduling and recurring jobs

Avoid confusion and optimise your customer service with JGID’s easy, drag and drop scheduling system. In addition, your authorised staff can access all relevant company information, giving your workers more autonomy and greater efficiency in their daily workload.

This easy to use scheduling and recurring job system allows you to link all necessary job information, including:

  • Special client needs
  • Equipment and stock picklists 
  • Manuals
  • Photos
  • Spare parts information and more

The JGID scheduling system also provides your worker with critical job information such as site addresses and contacts, meaning your crew can head straight to the job without wasting precious staff hours travelling back and forth to the office unnecessarily.

Client signatures and approvals

Whether you run a commercial or domestic roofing service, client approvals are often required before starting work, whether from a homeowner, land agent or site manager. 

Save time and hassle by utilising JGID’s digital, onsite, real-time client approval system. This easy to use utility means you can present or share contracts, plans or job approval documents to clients from any device and get their signatures on the day of operations.

Remote payments 

Are you sick of keeping track of outstanding and overdue invoices? Accounts paperwork mounting up? Say goodbye to outdated and sluggish payment methods.

JGID allows you to take client credit and debit card payments onsite from any smart device, meaning you can move on to the next month of business without the past hanging over your bookkeeper’s head. Efficient, reliable, safe and trustworthy.

Comprehensive customer relationship management

Take your customer service to the next level with JGID’s CRM. Keep all your client’s documents, business information, and job history at your fingertips with instant access from any smart device.

This CRM system is ideal for roofing maintenance and repair specialists who often get re-booked for scheduled commercial inspections and repair jobs.

Stock and inventory

JGID allows you to efficiently perform stocktakes, simultaneously providing you with an automated system for inventory, stock and staples reordering.

This superior stock tracking system can streamline your operations even further with JGIDs RFID capabilities. This feature allows you to scan out stock by barcode, helping you budget better and ensuring all your stock items are accurately accounted for, with nothing slipping out the door unnoticed.

RFID equipment tracking

Your professional roofing tools and equipment are the backbone of your business. Unfortunately, lost and stolen assets collectively cost Australian companies and organisations approximately $4-billion every year. JGIDs RFID equipment management software may help save your roofing business from this troubling statistic.

JGID’s EZYiD system allows you to utilise one convenient program to keep track of all ingoings and outgoings of roofing equipment and stock, providing you with movement and data stamps in real-time. 

However, this is more than just an equipment tracking system; JGID’s RFID can also help you significantly improve productivity.

Equipment information

JGID allows you to store all your equipment’s information on the database. From this, you can pre-build gear lists in preparation for your future jobs ahead of schedule, streamlining your workflow. 

These linked files can provide your staff with critical gear data, such as:

  • Photos and manuals
  • Maintenance information
  • Record qualifications and expiry dates
  • Equipment use-history and more

Having this job-specific information on hand can save you hours of phone tennis, job delays, and lost productivity, potentially saving you significant financial loss throughout the fiscal year.

Audits and maintenance

High-risk jobs like roofing, roof maintenance, roof repair, roof inspections and height safety specialists must ensure all equipment is safe and up to code.

JGID makes equipment inspection and maintenance easier than ever, allowing all equipment inspection and maintenance schedules to be linked to your RFID tag information. RFID also makes asset checks, inventory and stock taking a breeze, saving you time and frustration looking for a multitude of hidden discrepancies at tax time.

Utilising an optimised RFID system also helps you provide a safer workplace and can provide you with comprehensive safety reports so you can take one more step in reducing the potentials for a workplace injury.

Staff management

Realising you can hire more roofing trade professionals is a good indication that business is healthy. 

However, the more staff you have to manage, the harder it gets to keep track of operations, creating more complex job allocations, timesheets, and wages while keeping track of where staff are working each day.

JGID’s GPS stamped clock in, clock out function allows you to track your staff hours remotely, in real-time, meaning no more chasing timesheets and finding staff hour discrepancies.

JGID offers ongoing support

The JGID team is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, offering comprehensive, ongoing, onsite training and live support for your job management software for roofing service. Our world-class, online live support team can get you out of a bind, offering an unlimited knowledge base, ticketing system, email and phone support service.

The friendly, expert technicians in our support service can utilise remote access technology to take the reins and help you in real-time, showing you exactly how they are correcting any issue or functions.

This means faster software comprehension and constant support so you can operate and optimise your tailored job management software system, taking your business to new heights. 

Other JGID high-risk industries

JGID can be tailored for all high-risk professionals allowing all specialist trades and businesses to automate and control every aspect of their daily operations in one convenient, intuitive platform.

Other industries that can benefit from JGID job management software include, but are not limited to:

  • Rope access professionals
  • Rigging technicians
  • Diving specialists
  • Arborists
  • Crane hire companies
  • Solar industry professionals
  • Drone operators
  • Confined space workers and more

JGID has been designed and developed solely with high-risk professionals in mind, offering unique solutions for modern specialist businesses.

If you have been holding out for a reliable, one solution, automated, business operations, job management software solution, then look no further. JGID can help your business streamline line your high-risk business like never before.