Streamlined operations are the primary goal of JGID Business Management Software. Our crane and rigging contractor software improves how contractors manage their jobs from enquiry to job completion.

Gone are the days of grappling with cumbersome scheduling practices, monitoring compliance, and struggling with outdated administrative tasks. JGID is not just software; it’s a solution designed to empower managers and owners to navigate the complexities of their businesses efficiently, cost-effectively, and with newfound ease.

With features tailored for seamless job management, from initial inquiry to Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), job stages, invoicing, and beyond, JGID becomes the backbone of your operations. Let’s learn how.

Evolving client priorities while maximising profits

Originally developed to meet the specific demands of the rope access and height safety industry, JGID has become the software of choice for rigging businesses. It’s not just a tool; it’s a promise to work smarter, anywhere, anytime. With on-site training that’s personalised and results-driven, JGID ensures that your team is not just using software but leveraging a competitive advantage.

Our crane and rigging contractor software recognises that flexibility is key and adaptability is the name of the game. JGID is your ticket to future-proofing your crane and rigging operations, steering the ship of your business towards a future of streamlined success.

Making sure your crane and rigging business runs like a well-oiled machine

With your focus squarely on strategic decision-making rather than the minutiae of administrative tasks, implementation is not just a transition but a transformation. Our sophisticated software allows owners and management to channel their energy into shaping strategy, confident that JGID’s meticulous and thorough automation will take care of the tactical deployment.

For many businesses, the ‘Achilles’ heel lies in the absence of specific systems, procedures, and real-time information on ‘work-in-progress.’ JGID bridges this gap by bringing the benefits of industry best practices typically associated with big corporations to the SME sector. JGID brings efficiency and speed into your business processes, developed to remove the mundane and repetitive administrative burdens that often bog down businesses.

The power to automate compliance tasks, expedite scheduling, and eliminate guesswork

Management decisions are made simpler when you have a tool that empowers ‘on-the-fly’ operations, providing instant insights into contract performance, ROI assessments, and deviations from targets. No more relying on gut feelings or ‘guesstimates’; JGID ensures that decisions are based on concrete, data-driven evidence.

Reacting swiftly to market opportunities becomes second nature with JGID, offering instant visibility into the performance of previous contracts, allowing you to gauge their profitability and potential returns. With a quick glance, JGID lets you assess whether your staff is on target or if adjustments are needed, giving management the time and specific information to make informed changes and address any shortcomings promptly.

Simplifying your crane or rigging business requires freeing up time, reducing errors, and ultimately driving success. JGID’s fully automated project management software can do this easily, allowing you to confidently and precisely navigate the industry’s complexities.

Things are only getting better

While JGID stands as a testament to its current capabilities, our journey doesn’t end here; it’s a continuous evolution guided by the needs and aspirations of our clients. We’ve crafted a highly capable and enduring tool, but our commitment extends beyond providing a static solution. Instead, we’re keenly attuned to what our clients want, when they want to achieve it, and how we can enable them to reach their goals.

The probability is high that JGID has already addressed many of your problem areas simply because we understand the shared challenges numerous businesses face in streamlining their operations. Yet, we don’t claim to have all the answers. This is why we maintain an open line of communication with our prospective customers and existing clients. We recognise that the collective wisdom of the business community holds valuable insights into addressing the multifaceted functions any business must contend with.

Benefit from our advanced crane and rigging contractor software today

Choose JGID, the pioneering all-in-one job management solution that eliminates the need for countless add-ons and integrations. With all the features you need seamlessly integrated into one platform, bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple tools when managing your crane or rigging company.  

Whether it’s scheduling, compliance tasks, or real-time data updates, JGID has you covered. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking comprehensive job management with a little extra convenience. Simplify your business operations and streamline your success with JGID – where everything you need is in one place. Let’s have a chat about how we can help you today!