Historically speaking, Australia and New Zealand are still young countries, and therefore, in a constant state of growth and expansion. Across all trade and civil industries, cranes are an essential utility for most aspects of civil, commercial and residential construction, maintenance, and demolition.

The crane industry is thriving across Australian and New Zealand, meaning there is plenty of work for crane hire professionals, from commercial and industrial construction and residential developments to civil engineering and the mining industry.

Even during a global pandemic, the construction industry has continued to operate, meaning crane hire businesses have to stay on the pulse when booking jobs and organising their time, staff and equipment.

In the past, you may have been required to utilise several different job management software programs to help you manage the various aspects of your business.

Examples of some areas of a crane hire business that may be dependent on software programs could include:

  • Quoting and bookings
  • Staff management and wages
  • Job scheduling
  • Equipment and stock management and tracing
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Customer relationship management
  • Advertising, marketing and social media
  • Business development and more


In a busy high-risk industry business, like crane hire, managing all the different aspects can be challenging. 

Just Get It Done job management software, or JGID for short, is an innovative and intuitive job management system for crane hire businesses and other high-risk industries that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your business in one convenient place.

So what makes JGID different from other generic job management software programs? Read on to learn more about JGID’s many impressive and customisable features.

Benefits of JGID job management software for crane hire

JGID job management software has been designed with high-risk industries, like crane hire and operations businesses, in mind. With its intuitive graphical user interface and optimised, automated workflow, you can regain control over your time and schedule and make your company’s workflow more manageable than ever.

Rather than needing separate software programs to manage the various aspects of your crane hire business, JGID offers a complete solution to address the various daily operations that your business demands to run smoothly and efficiently.

JGID job management software not only streamlines your many processes; it also helps you reclaim valuable time that has previously been wasted on tasks like:

  • Inputting data 
  • Syncing across multiple platforms 
  • Cross-referencing sales and wage data
  • Ensuring your equipment and stock is being monitored correctly
  • Checking payments and invoicing and more

This fully customisable program allows you to take complete control of all aspects of your jobs from initial quoting to final client payments and job finalisations – quickly, efficiently and reliably. 

Continue reading to learn more about JGID’s impressive capabilities and features.

The ease of quoting

Access your business from any device, including PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, from anywhere, at any time.

Never misquote a job again. Because JGID is an all-in-one job management software program, it can include all stock, time, equipment requirements for your job in the automated quote.

The JGID system also allows you to capture digital clients signatures for approvals on-site, which could include things such as:

  • Project pricing approvals
  • Occupational health and safety planning approvals
  • Job site access approvals
  • Recurring job approvals 
  • Payment approvals and more

JGID has your back from initial potential client interactions, pricing and project agreements to final payments and client invoicing -you won’t miss a beat.

Job and hire scheduling

Well planned and executed scheduling is a critical aspect of any crane hire or crane operations company. You cannot afford to risk easy to miss scheduling faux pas such as double booking, missing vital equipment, or missing due dates and deadlines.

JGID makes scheduling your jobs and maintaining staff communications a breeze by ensuring your staff can clearly see all scheduling plans, changes and job alterations. 

Your scheduling can even include vital job information such as:

  • Site plans
  • Photos and manuals
  • Critical site information
  • Client contacts
  • OH&S and equipment checklists and more

Having this much control over your scheduling means fewer mistakes, more productivity, less stress, and saved time.

Equipment scheduling and tracking

JGID also gives you complete control over hire equipment, tools, and other company property with its comprehensive, easy to implement and operate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) logging and tracking system. No more paperwork and no more human error.

The EZYiD system seamlessly integrated with JGID, allowing you and your staff to:

  • Log and track all in and outgoing stock and equipment
  • Simplify stocktaking
  • Record when and how equipment is used
  • Streamline booking of equipment and stock
  • Build equipment lists for jobs
  • Keeping track of and implementing all maintenance and service requirements
  • Store details about equipment like manuals and photos
  • Send reminders regarding equipment and more

Lost equipment and stock costs crane hire companies big money every year. Ditch the mountains of paper records and logs, reduce losses and step into complete autonomy with JGID’s RFID EZYiD system.

Timesheets and staff management

Keeping track of your staff and wages can be a job all by itself. However, with JGID, your wages and staff hours can be fully automated, allowing your crew to check into work onsite and log their hours in real-time.

This not only streamlines your timesheets and staff management, but it can also save significantly on staff commute times and company car or fleet costs by allowing your staff to clock in via their smartphones. This removes the need to start at the office or yard before heading to the worksite.

The best part about JGID working across all devices and platforms is the ability to run your business from anywhere you have an internet connection, giving you freedom of movement and complete autonomy.


Finalising payments on site can be done quickly and painlessly on-site on the final day of pack up by allowing complete remote payments by credit or debit card on any smart device. 

Your customer invoice can be emailed, and payment taken immediately, meaning you can both continue onto your next job without outstanding or overdue payments needing to be chased up at the end of the month.

Customer relationship management 

Repeat business is essential to success in the crane hire and operations game, and JGID is here to help you keep your business relations on point. JGID is the ideal customer relationship management (CRM) system for crane hire, allowing you to deliver on your promises and stay on top of your customer relationships.

JGID allows you to keep all your client information, like documents, contracts and invoices, in one convenient place, meaning you can pull up past job specifics at the click of a button.

This also allows you to keep complete job records for repeat business customers and personal, professional relationship information. From tracking EOFY thank you notes to industry exhibits and events, maintaining philanthropic partnerships, or any other information that helps you keep your customer relationships at an all-time high.

JGID is also great for business development, giving you a system to log potential leads, log potential project targets and keep on top of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Other high-risk industries that can benefit from JGID JMS

JGID has been developed especially for high-risk industries like crane hire and other adjacent and complementary high-risk and trade sectors that involve special skills, technicians and operators.

Other industries that can benefit from JGID’s customisable business management software include, but are not limited to:

  • Rope access professionals
  • Arborists
  • Height safety specialists
  • Riggers
  • Roofing experts
  • Diving specialists
  • Solar and wind energy technicians
  • Confined space workers
  • Drone operators
  • Trade specialists and more

If you require tailored job management software for crane hire and other high-risk speciality industries, then contact one of the consultants here at JGID today to find out more about how this software can streamline your high-risk business today.

JGID: Just Getting It Done

The team here at JGID are passionate about our job management software’s potential to help all high-risk industry professionals take control of their entire business and workflow.

JGID can aid in reducing the stress of running your crane hire or high-risk business by increasing productivity and helping make more time for the things that matter most, like more time with family and loved ones.

The ability to automate your business has never been easier or more trustworthy. Whether you are a fledgling business looking to give yourselves the best chance of success, or a well-established leader looking to take your business into the future, JGID can be optimised and customised to transcend your business to the next level.

We offer full on-site training and ongoing support for all JGID users while also listening to our client’s input and constantly striving to evolve the JGID system, meaning that JGID will grow over time, just like your business.

For more information about how you can transform your business workflow with the JGID job management software for crane hire and high-risk industries, contact our friendly staff today to arrange a consultation online or in person.

Send your enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our consultants will reply promptly or contact you at a preferred time.