What does the perfect payroll solution look like for your business? For those managing a dynamic, shift-based workforce sans desks, the impact on your choice of payroll software is profound.  

Payroll integrations with job scheduling software can enhance the employee experience while turbocharging the efficiency of your HR processes. JGID understands the advantages of this powerful synergy for your business operations well; after all, it’s one of our most popular features.

Efficiency and accuracy when managing complex jobs

We’ve heard a lot about how our customers love the Xero and JGID connectivity, eliminating the hassle of double-handling invoices.

Xero, renowned for its prowess in accounting software, seamlessly integrates with JGID to create a connected ecosystem tailored for high-risk industries. With this integration, we bid farewell to the tedious task of manually transferring invoices between systems. JGID takes the lead by pushing all your invoices to Xero in real time, ensuring that your financial data remains accurate and up-to-date. 

The convenience of reconciling your accounts in Xero and having things automatically marked as paid in JGID means no more toggling between platforms and data discrepancies, just a harmonious synchronisation streamlining your financial processes.

What is an integrated payroll system?

An integrated payroll system is a sophisticated software solution that seamlessly connects with other business software, such as workforce management platforms or HR Information Systems (HRIS). This integration facilitates a smooth and efficient link between HR and payroll processes, presenting businesses with the potential to save valuable time, resources, and money. 

Payroll management software integration can also be achieved using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs serve as intermediaries between systems, enabling them to communicate with each other. Think of it like a waiter in a restaurant who acts as a go-between for you and the kitchen. Modern APIs are designed to be developer-friendly, adhere to industry standards, and prioritise robust security and governance.

The benefits of integrating your workforce management system with payroll functions

The goal is to create a seamless and efficient operational environment. When considering this, here are some advantages to think about: 

  • Comprehensive workforce management

Integrating systems like Humanforce provides a unified platform to manage your deskless workforce. With features encompassing engagement tools, communication tools, award interpretation, workforce analytics, and shift management, your HR and payroll staff can effortlessly navigate employee schedules and payroll processes within a single, integrated system.

  • Streamlined payroll processes

An integrated solution facilitates the tracking of employee hours, including those of deskless employees, and expedites payment processing with just a few clicks. All timesheets, award interpretation, and payroll data securely reside in a cloud-based platform, creating a centralised ‘one-stop-shop’ for HR and payroll teams.

  • Time savings and data accuracy

Integration of HR and payroll introduces efficiency tools like employee self-service functionality, time and attendance tracking, and digital documentation. This reduces time spent on tasks like reconciling pays and ensures data validation at the point of input, leading to instant flow into the payroll system. A unified solution minimises errors associated with manual data handling.

  • Additional employee benefits

Integrated systems open the door to offering enhanced benefits, such as earned wage access. This aligns income and expenses by allowing employees to access some of their accrued wages in advance of payday without involving borrowing. Unlike traditional lending, this method often incurs minimal to no cost.

  • Enhanced staff management

Centralised access to employee information through integrated payroll and HR software supports HR processes. The abundance of data at your fingertips, including details about the current workforce and cost-per-hire information, empowers informed, data-driven decision-making. Workforce analytics tools further contribute to addressing HR and payroll issues strategically.

  • Enhanced data security

Cloud-based solutions, like contemporary integrated systems, typically feature built-in tools to bolster security. These include permission-based access, multifactor authentication, and data encryption, ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded.

  • Improved user experience

Integration eliminates the need to visit multiple sites and remember different passwords. This enhances user experience and contributes to increased efficiency as HR and payroll professionals can navigate seamlessly within a unified system.

Try an all-in-one job management solution

JGID has all the features you need, including payroll integration via Xero. Easily manage all aspects of your business from one platform. Through JGID, you can automatically create professional invoices to be sent once jobs are complete. This includes progress invoices for line items that can be delivered while a job is in progress. We make job management simple, giving you more time to focus on higher-value tasks. See how JGID can improve your workflow today!