Lean management seeks to eliminate any waste of time, effort or money by identifying each step in a business process and then revising or cutting out steps that do not create value. JGID business management software has been specifically designed to address these core requirements.

The 3 Guiding principles for lean management include:

  • Defining value from the standpoint of the end customer.
  • Identifying each step in a business process and eliminating those steps that do not create additional value.
  • Making the value-creating steps occur in the best sequence.

Then repeating the first three steps on a continuous basis until all waste and repetition has been eliminated.

The ten rules of lean management can be summarized:

  • Eliminating wasteful administration processes,
  • Minimizing the number of admin tasks necessary to complete a job,
  • Maximizing cash-flow,
  • Respond to customer needs with minimal delay,
  • Identify from the outset the customer requirements,
  • Do it right the first time,
  • Empower workers,
  • Design for rapid change of task due to market forces, weather conditions etc,
  • Partner with suppliers,
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement