Do you run a high-risk diving business? Are you tired of spending hours logging in and out of a range of job management software programs that won’t talk or sync together?

There are many industries out there in the high-risk category, such as:

  • Rope access technicians
  • Crane hire workers
  • Arborists
  • Height safety professionals
  • Confined space workers and more

One of the most specialised high-risk jobs is a professional diver, who performs a wide range of services in potentially hostile and unpredictable environments in some of the most dangerous conditions.

If you are a diving professional, you may use several software programs to help perform your daily operations, such as quoting, staff wages and management, bookkeeping, and equipment management systems.

Often these programs do not work symbiotically, costing hours of data entry. What’s worse is many of these programs are generic and challenging to tailor to the unique needs of high-risk businesses. That was until JGID.

JGID: job management software for diving professionals

JGID, short for Just Get It Done, is an all-in-one job management software program designed for high-risk industries, like professional divers. JGID is fully customisable and takes care of all aspects of your diving business, from Quoting jobs to invoicing.

Intuitive helicopter dashboard

JGID’s intuitive helicopter-style dashboard gives you easy access to all your daily operations, including what’s completed, what’s on, what’s coming up and where your staff are working.

The best part about JGID is that all this information is updated in real-time and available to all authorised staff from all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Superior quoting system

Never misquote your diving jobs again with our easy-to-operate templates. You can present all clauses and conditions and have different quoting formats for different types of diving jobs.

No more copy and pasting or hours spent going over quotes to ensure accuracy; with such an easy, intuitive quoting system, you may find your estimators will never misquote again.

You or your estimators can also obtain digital client approvals onsite via a smart device to get the ball rolling and avoid drawn-out job acquisition processes.

Easy scheduling

Our easy drag and drop scheduling system makes organising you and your staff’s work week a breeze, allowing you to assign technicians to new jobs immediately and easily adjust plans if circumstances change; complete scheduling freedom that updates instantly.

You can also input or drag and drop all relevant job information, including the scope of work, equipment picklist, JHA, site address, site contacts and more.

JGID users can also save and drag and drop all relevant information for ongoing jobs, saving hours of data entry for regularly scheduled work.

Seamless timesheet and staff management

Manage your staff easily using our GPS stamped clock in and out function, which updates your timesheets and staff management software live, both at the office and onsite.

This is ideal for organising contacted divers who can go straight out to jobs without having to commute into the office or depot to collect equipment and access job information and briefings; everything is laid out clearly for remote access on any smart device.

Because all information is GPS stamped and updated in real-time, payday just got a lot simpler, reducing data conflicts and reducing or nullifying over or underpayments to staff and contractors.

Advanced equipment management software

A diving professional uses a lot of essential equipment that needs to be constantly inspected and maintained for safety. JGID’s RFID equipment tracking system allows you to track all your gear and all relevant equipment data in one place.

Not only does JGID’s RFID tracking and equipment management software help you manage your vital equipment, but it also allows you to:

  • Store all equipment details, including photos, manuals
  • View equipment usage history
  • Automate gear inspections and scheduled maintenance notifications
  • Keep accurate audit trails
  • Build gear lists for jobs
  • Manage loans and returns and more

All information is safely stored on the cloud, so all information is kept as is, even if there is an unlikely system outage.

In-built CRM

Modern businesses often use a customer relationship management system for service quality assurance and to collect business development data. JGID has this built-in, so you can port all relevant business information directly without spending hours transferring customer feedback and data to a separate CRM.

Easy money with JGID invoicing and bookkeeping

Never chase up overdue invoices or miss payments again. JGID can fully automate your invoices and outgoings while providing notifications and supplying your customers with automated receipts or reminders.

JGID also helps you simplify stocktakes and financial audits that may be required at tax time, providing easy-to-access, accurate and automated information that will save you hours of labour and paperwork.

JGID: Job management software for diving industry professionals

Are you a diving professional that is sick and tired of long hours planning your work week, managing your staff and keeping track of your bookkeeping? JGID offers you a better way to do business.