It’s no surprise that technology is rapidly changing how we do things, and sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations designed to make our lives easier.

In recent years, businesses have invested heavily in revolutionising their work to find efficiencies and yield better customer outcomes. One way businesses are doing this is through drone technology.

From agriculture, construction, mining, and exploration, many industries worldwide are turning to drone technology to optimise their business. As a result, these industries are also looking at ways to improve how they manage their business to incorporate drone technology.

This article looks into JGID’s job management software for drone businesses and highlights why our software is one of the best for managing your drone business.

What is a Drone Business?

Suppose you operate a business that services oil and gas exploration, mining, emergency response, or civil or commercial engineering. Your industry likely requires site inspections or reviews of places that are often hard to access. In that case, you are likely using drone technology to assist with the projects you are working on.  

Businesses in these industries and others have shifted to using drones to access difficult-to-reach areas, like tall buildings, forests and mining sites, freeing up time for employees who normally would manually access these areas. Removing the manual element has allowed drone pilots to complete inspections in real-time, removing duplication of work and being able to complete inspections safely. 

Drones aren’t taking away traditional roles; they have enhanced the output of many businesses and serve a significant purpose when managing risk and safety and producing a higher standard of work.

Why Do Drone Businesses Need Management Software?

Using drones requires businesses to understand how they are being used, how many are in operation and whether they meet the various requirements to own and operate them. Management software allows your business to stay on top of statutory regulations and flight approvals and have access to market sector knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

The beauty of management software is that it helps you manage this in real-time, so you can comprehensively understand your business while keeping all your relevant information in one easy-to-access portal. 

Not only does management software help you stay on top of your business, but it can also help identify efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings.

Why You Should Use Job Management Software

Drones are no longer seen as expensive toys; they are vital pieces of equipment used to enhance the performance of your business. As such, drones should be seen as an asset. However, some businesses fail to see it this way, which could cost them time and money.

Strict aviation and government regulations govern drone businesses; therefore, they must be strict in managing drone compliance. That’s where job management software can step in and take away a lot of hassle.

Managing pilot and drone registrations and compliance through software makes life easier as the information is in one easy-to-access portal. When renewals or compliance dates are due, the software can advise the relevant people to action these tasks, ensuring the business is on top of its regulatory obligations and risk is mitigated. Compliant businesses help to build trust as a brand in the marketplace. 

Job management software comes into its own by helping you store all of this information in one central location that does the heavy lifting for you when needed. You can work proactively rather than reactively, allowing your business to stay ahead of the curve.

JGID’s Job Management Software Features

JGID’s job management software makes life easier for businesses to manage their day-to-day. It means more time to focus on working on the direction of the business, not spending time being bogged down in the business.

JDIG lets you know exactly where things are and when they need action. Staying on top of these dates can be frustrating when inspections, compliance and staff qualification inspections and renewals are due. That’s why our software pushes notifications to your dashboard, automating a critical part of your business so that you can stay ahead of the game.

Looking to Take Your Drone Business to the Next Level?

JGID’s Management Software is an all-encompassing tool that works behind the scenes to help you manage your business. It is the perfect tool for drone businesses to manage these important assets and those operating them.

Our support team will work with you from day one. We help optimise your program, providing industry-leading training for your workforce and ensuring you get the most out of your job management software for rope access and other specialist trades.

For more information about JGID for your high-risk trade business, send your inquiry and provide your details via our online contact form or call the toll-free number for your global region.