JGID is a reference point for our whole business!

Lisa Robinson, Assistant General Manager from Abseilers United was kind enough to give us a run down on how the whole business benefits from using JGID in daily operations and admin in a busy Rope Access company.

From Lisa:  We are an Industrial Rope Access company with up to ten abseilers, window cleaning services. Building maintenance, height safety.

So we are the guys that basically hang off on high residential buildings or commercial high rise buildings.

I’m Lisa Robinson, I’m the assistant general manager at Abseilers United. One of the biggest challenges for business like ours is scheduling.

It’s imperative that the staff know where they are, what job they are on daily. How do we communicate this to them? 

JGID is a reference point for our whole business in terms of how we run the business. From the first inquiry, we put the contact details in there and do a site inspection if required.

We send the quote, the quote gets accepted and becomes a job, once it’s a job. It then comes onto our job queue in JGID, and we literally just drag that job into our calendar. Once it’s in the calendar, it becomes our reference point for the staff, clocking in, clocking out once they’ve completed the job, and then that then gets invoiced, the invoice then connects with Xero, which is our accounting software.

The great thing about it is its mobile enabled. They have a mobile app on their phone they log in individually to that, and they see where they’ve got to be for the day. And then when they leave the job, they clock out.

And then from that they can create what’s called a worksheet and that makes it easy for us, as a business and for myself, as we are not relying on paperwork here and the worksheets are checked against invoices.

And then when we come time to invoice the client, we can then see how many hours was on that job. What the profitability was.

I usually like to put the enquiries in as soon as they arrive and, I would usually call and follow up on that inquiry first, qualify them, the actual job and the lead, and then I will put it straight into JGID. And then, that is sitting there for our estimator to, give him a call, arrange the site visit and from there. We can go along and create a quote, this streamlines the process because once we have a quote there that then becomes invoice.

We can all log into JGID regardless of where we are. I mean, we’re an abseiling business. We’re not sitting in an office all day, so it gives me the option to work at home. Our estimators are on the road, our abseilers are on the job, and we’re all connecting with one piece of business management software, which is JGID.

We can see at a glance where everything is. There’s no paper, we are totally paperless. We have no cupboards. We have no filing cabinets and all the data is stored in that one central place securely.

I’ve noticed through social media groups that I’m on, where running a small business, most of the issues that people have is the time and energy that it takes to do all the paperwork. I guess for me the kick I get out of JGID is just being able to put all of our customer details in and just having the power of knowing who all our clients are, being able to export that data and to get excited about putting in new entries.

So for us, new businesses is great. But being able to just type in all those enquiries into the one central database that’s just gold for me, I love that!