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Seasonality is arguably the most significant factor impacting on the profitability and cash-flow for landscape gardeners; from managing fluctuations in your seasonal field staff; to planning watering, mowing or mulching programs that balance the impact and profit contributions made by residential and commercial clients. Professionalism at all stages of your business without the burden of a large back office.

JGID are members of the Master Landscapers Association LNA and designed our business management software to handle seasonal workflows, scheduling and TOIL. Enabling businesses to plan staffing requirements for permanent and seasonal workers in compliance with AFEI conditions.

Running an efficient, profitable business that balances work and home-life is challenging. Successful businesses achieve greater profits with the implementation of systems, protocols and procedures; JGID combines the best of these industry practices with automation of the mundane such as preparation of SWMS, JHAs or PPPS.

JGID enables Management to see at a glance and compare the respective profitability of your Residential against Commercial contracts; or see which services are most beneficial for your cash-flow from mowing, to watering or mulching. It allows you to prepare consistently thorough and professional quotes from the field on your tablet or alter and manage workflow ‘on-the- go’ from your mobile phone.


You need never miss the opportunity to upsell your additional services from arborist skills to hard surface maintenance. Preparing quotes that sell your wider capability as well as answering the customer’s immediate question is more than a quick scribble on a sheet of paper. Taking authorisations for additional works via signatures on your smart phone avoid tedious arguments when the bills come to be paid. Including photos of before and after works and attaching to invoices also reduces potential for conflict. JGID is the answer, not a series of Apps, simply the professional way to represent and manage your business in the 21st century.

JGID enables professional, landscapers to be more efficient, versatile & cost effective, optimised to work on any device so you can work where you want, when you want, improves your customer service, cash flow and profits, a mobile solution for your growing business.

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