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JGID recognises that each business is unique and has different requirements.

That’s why JGID offer process mapping, training and implementation plans tailored to best suit your professional business needs.

Feedback from our Valued Customers


I have been using JGID for 24 months now and I have found JGID to be a very good tool to assist with my on-site staff management. The ability to have all documents flowing freely between the staff and clients on-site and the administration has really helped my team help my business efficiencies. I thoroughly recommend JGID for any company that has staff working out on-site.
Jim Hill,

Pre Implementation Set-up unique encrypted URL, install personalised client and trading data, pricing, Terms of Trade etc Either: On Site, face 2 face, intense, personalised and accelerated kick-start program of training in your office.

  • Preliminary Sessio
  • 2-3 days on site
  • Followed by Remote continued training for 2-4 weeks

OR Remote, personalised, 6 week kick-start proficiency course for up to 6 users, via screen share

  • Preliminary Session
  • Stage 1: 3 weeks, 2 lessons of 90 minutes each, followed by 15 to 30 minute follow up call each week.
  • Stage 2: 3 weeks, 1 lesson per week, 60 minutes each, followed by 20 minutes session by phone, skype or screen share as appropriate.

Larger businesses can choose a mixture of On and Off-site training.

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Choose the Best Price for You

JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.