At JGID, we’re changing the way tradies do business – making their jobs less time-sapping, easier and enjoyable again. Things are happening quickly, and need more smart, driven people who know the industry to help us make it happen.

The people we’re looking to hire now

Have you:

  • been running your own business or worked as a manager in a tradie business?
  • had enough of working on the tools.

Are you:

  • passionate about helping people?
  • interested in learning new skills and ideas?
  • ready to change careers and join an exciting company of the future?

If you answered yes to all of the above, we could be looking for you now!

Improve a tradie’s business and life

We’re on the lookout for trainers to teach new JGID members how to get the best out of their Job Management Software. And, as a result, improve their business and give them more free time back to spend with the people they care about most.

Do I need technology or accounting skills?

Just as JGID is different kind of business, so is the way we select our trainers. We’re not after computer geeks or bookkeepers. We want tradies who can effectively train tradies.

You don’t need high level computer skills. However, you should have a keen interest in what technology can do to help people. The main requirements are that you:

  • have owned or run a trade business
  • know your trade well
  • understand the problems trade business owners face every day.

Still sound exciting? Then complete the form and let’s talk!
If you’re ready to help others succeed in tradie businesses, please fill in this form below and one of our recruiters will contact you shortly.

Choose the Best Price for You

JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.