Operating a successful crane business is complicated. For your enterprise to thrive, some of the things you will need to keep on top of include:

  • Ongoing knowledge of your regional crane economy
  • Start-up and expansion funding
  • Finding investors and ensuring ROE
  • Maintaining your fleet
  • Finding and retaining experienced and reliable operators
  • Advertising, branding and marketing
  • Ongoing OH&S training and much more

One thing you should not have to stress over is the one thing designed to reduce it; your business management software.

JGID, short for just get it done, is an all-in-one job management software program for hire risk industries, including:

  • Crane hire companies
  • Rigging contractors
  • Height safety consultants and technicians
  • Demolition specialists
  • Rope access technicians
  • Arborists
  • Roofing industries
  • Standby emergency specialists
  • Confined space workers and much more

Our high-risk business management software can be customised to any type of crane hire industry, including:

  • Mining
  • Urban and residential development
  • Industrial construction
  • Civil crane applications and more

Read on to find out more about JGID’s complete high-risk business management capabilities and how they can streamline and simplify the operation of your crane hire enterprise.

JGID for crane hire professionals

In the modern age of crane hire, most savvy business owners will utilise one or more software programs to take care of their business operations, including:

  • Quoting systems and CRMs
  • Bookkeeping programs
  • Staff wages and payment systems
  • Equipment management and more

These programs can often take up a lot of space in your work computers or servers’ memory, slowing down computational performance, and rarely work together symbiotically.

This often requires hours spent cross-referencing data, copying and pasting and reviewing, which can be an exhaustive and time-consuming process.

JGID has been designed and developed in consultation with high-risk industries like crane hire professionals to create a customisable, all-in-one job and equipment management system that can take care of your business front to back.

Helicopter dashboard

See all your daily crane hire business operations in one place with our intuitive helicopter view dashboard. Our easy to understand and operate graphic user interface (GUI) gives you complete control over all aspects of your business management, including:

  • Active and quoted jobs
  • Staff placement and workload
  • Site contacts and information
  • Business analysis
  • Tasks to complete
  • Invoices and much more

Our system can be accessed by all authorised staff 24/7, from devices such as:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Take your management to the next level by overseeing your entire business operations at a glance.


Never misquote a crane contract again with JGIDs quoting software. Whether you are a business owner who conducts all quoting or have a team of assessors and estimators, our customisable quoting templates can cover all your bases when tendering contracts.

You can set notifications to chase up tendered jobs in the system, and all quote information updates in the system in real-time.

Remote approvals

Getting job approvals and client authorisation signatures is a streamlined process, with your representatives or estimators’ ability to obtain remote signatures on a tablet or smartphone.

Once the client has agreed to the contract and signed off, JGID can send automated emails with all relevant parties’ quotes, approvals, and terms and conditions.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and your job scheduling has never been more intuitive or streamlined than with JGID business management software for crane hire.

Our scheduling system works seamlessly with JGIDs quoting and staff management systems, meaning you can view your workweek and job statuses in one place without calling your staff or sifting through manual paperwork.


Invoicing at the end of a contract or finalising EOM invoices in any high-risk industry can be a pain to chase up and complete. JGID can automate your entire invoicing process and ensure you get paid on time.

You can set up automatic invoices via email, automate chase up emails in set intervals, or have your invoicing protocols tailored by our expert developers.

Client payments

Whether you are a mobile crane business performing small rigging and transport jobs, or a large scale enterprise assisting in multi-storey constructions, JGID makes getting paid a breeze.

All client payments can be paid via credit card online when the automated invoice is received, or staff can take payments onsite via their smart device through a range of payment methods, like Stripe.


In all modern businesses, efficient and effective customer relations management software is necessary to drive your business development in the right direction.

Our CRM has been designed for high-risk industries, like crane works, to ensure your services, interactions, customer satisfaction levels, and business development data keep your company at peak performance.

Crane staff management software

Finding and retaining highly skilled and experienced crane technicians can be challenging in the crane industry, and it doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart.

Ensure your timesheets, hours, and wages operate smoothly with our comprehensive and customisable staff management systems.


Ensure everyone is up to date and organised with our advanced timesheet software. With JGID, your staff can avoid calling into head office, or filling in manual timesheets that must be collected, manually submitted, and checked off by admin.

Your crane technicians can log in onsite via JGID’s GPS stamped clock-in and clock-out system, saving on commute times and wasted work hours while keeping ultra-accurate track of all work performed.

With JGID, all staff hours and site specs are available for your crane technicians and staff to view online, with all updates happening in real-time.


After your staff have clocked out, all hours are automatically logged, finalising wages with the ability to automate fully trackable staff payments. No more under or overpayments to staff, no wage disputes, just seamless staff management that reduces headaches for businesses and staff alike.

Crane equipment management software

The crane industry has a broad range of occupational health and safety protocols that must be strictly adhered to, and crane rigs and crane equipment need to be kept accounted for and well maintained at all times.

JGID’s RFID equipment management system can ensure that all your assets, stock, and equipment are trackable and traceable while automatically scheduling maintenance requirements.

RFID tracking

Though crane rigs are the main assets of a crane hire business, there are many other essential items and occupational safety equipment that are required for crane operations, including:

  • PPE gear
  • Chains and links
  • Cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • Safety warning signs and utilities
  • Communications devices and more

Lost stock and faulty equipment can cost Australian crane companies thousands of dollars a year; ensure all your gear is accounted for and maintained with JGID’s RFID scan in and scan out system.

Equipment and stock can either be scanned in or out at your main yard using a smart device or PDA or monitored onsite by your techs utilising a smartphone or tablet.

This system can also attach all necessary equipment information, including:

  • Manuals and photos
  • Online operation information
  • Onsite equipment references
  • Job information and onsite contacts linked to the assigned gear
  • Automatically creates picking lists from approved job quotes and much more

You can also set up automated notifications when equipment is due for inspection and flag any damage or wear and tear found so you can isolate and nullify any potential work hazards related to your assets.

This system can also significantly reduce work hours at stocktake time as JGID tracks inventory 24/7, making stocktake time quick and easy.

JGID onsite training and development

Our JGID development and training team are passionate about helping our clients and their staff get the most out of this revolutionary business management software for high-risk industries.

Our developers and training facilitators will be by your side from day one, helping you customise JGID to your business’s unique requirements.

Our trainers will ensure you and your staff have a comprehensive understanding of JGIDs protocols, allowing your crane business to utilise JGID to its full potential.

As well as customisation and training, we also offer ongoing support for development and training after your initial integration, with emergency support available if things go wrong, ensuring your business can continue operations at all times.

Just Get It Done!

Never before have high-risk businesses, like crane enterprises, been able to take so much control over their daily operation with one convenient and reliable job management software system.

In summary, with JGID job management software for crane enterprises, you can:

  • Access and view all aspects of your business via JGID’s helicopter view dashboard
  • Provide consistent and accurate quoting
  • Ensure your customer service and business development are on point with our customisable CRM
  • Get client approvals onsite
  • Take complete control of job scheduling and management
  • Manage and automate all client invoices and payments
  • Fully manage and automate all staff hours and payments in one place
  • Manage and keep track of all equipment and equipment maintenance
  • Manage your entire business remotely via any smart device 24/7, with all updates occurring in real-time

Streamline your business, save money, and claim back your personal time with JGID- industry-leading job management software for crane businesses and high-risk industries.