Job Management Software:
Ideal for Managing Multiple Job Locations

How do you give your clients your best? In service-based SMEs, one of the keys to exceptional service begins with understanding your clients needs on every level. When you’re managing projects in multiple locations, the standard is set even higher: the demand for streamlined organisation  and efficiency becomes even greater.
A job management software program such as JGID can be the tool that ensures you’re able to commit to giving your company’s best, each and every time, and in every single job location. While JGID proves itself an effective resource for a large range of fields, today, let’s look at its potency in the landscaping industry. As a landscaping software, JGID is the ideal choice for delivering uncompromised performance; managing multiple job locations with ease is just the beginning.

Planning Your Work in Each Location

Whether you’re doing grounds maintenance, landscaping design, or landscaping renovation, landscaping projects present a range of demands based on many factors. The management of multiple job locations must take into account the site characteristics as well as the unique client needs. The organisational structure and staffing decisions you put in place in each location should reflect and accommodate the different needs of each client and each project location.

The right job management software can assist you to do exactly this. JGID tackles the details throughout every step of the process, from quotation and job updates to daily pick lists, invoicing, and more. You can avoid delays in your landscaping projects knowing that JGID will help you get the right equipment to the right site precisely when it is needed.

Instant sharing of documents, photos, and even video allows your team to exchange up-to-the-minute updates and indicate job areas that need attention. And of course, JGID offers comprehensive staff scheduling: the final, essential piece of a well-structured job site management. This allows you to ensure you have the right complement of talent and standards in place to deliver consistent value, support the client experience, and guarantee client satisfaction. No other landscaping software can do that.

Consistency In the Field

A sure-fire way to waste time and resources is by having to start from scratch at each and every job site. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in each location. Instead, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis to capture the very best practices of each location, then implement them universally. A landscaping software like JGID can assist you to quickly replicate those beneficial cost efficiencies. The outcome? Increased productivity, happier clients and increased profitability in every job location. And the consistency across multiple locations also equates to easier measurement of your profits, job costs, and other KPIs.

Build a Better Team

Utilising the right job management software doesn’t just help provide improved results for your clients, it also can be an essential element in staff development. When managing multiple job locations for landscaping or other industries, JGID enables you to create  a more unified team. And your staff will appreciate the availability it affords management too: they’ll know they can easily access you to discuss any issues they may have and not lose the decision reached; by using the JGID Task Manager.

When you’re dealing with remote staff or management, it can be a challenge to ensure all parties feel that they play an active role in the decision-making process. Solid job management software can change that, with incredible ease of communication. Instantly, you can share photos, videos, documents, and more, with integrated apps that work seamlessly with JGID. Mobile connection has never been simpler, across locations and even time zones.

If you aim to establish a work climate that fosters innovative ideas, where team members even in remote locations can actively participate in creative problem solving, JGID is the industry choice. A collaborative work environment that encourages the open exchange of diverse ideas can be made ever more possible with the right work management software.

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