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``It's having such a positive impact on me, my business, and the way we operate. Now I can do everything on the go and don't have to worry about piles of paper work to go through once I get home.``
Brad Palmer
Managing Director, Brad Palmer Plumbing
``I spent a long time searching for new software that would help me take the company forward, I trialled a bunch of programs but they just didn’t fit. I was then told about JGID and I was super impressed! Everything is done through the one program. All my quoting, invoicing, scheduling and the automated WHS compliance is awesome!.. It's all so easy to use.``
Luke Hunter
Director – Infinite Access
Running my business through JGID has made all the difference. I am a hands on person and so my organisational and attention for detail is not as well developed. JGID fills this gap wonderfully. I can get on with sales, booking jobs and making sure our clients are happy. JGID picks up where I can't cover. I would recommend JGID to any trade business looking to take the next step.
Pieter Bezuidenhout
BDM - Talons High Security Fencing

Are You Ready to Look at a New Picture?

If you’re ready to see the bigger picture of your business, if you want to control every aspect of your business in the one place, if you are ready to leave the headaches behind and start managing with ease, then JGID is for you.

Get started with our FREE unlimited everything for 14 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and you’ll be amazed at how much you can streamline in that time.

Only the sky’s the limit once you decide to
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Adapting to a new system is not just about purchasing a new software.

Learning how to use it to it’s full potential so that you can really reap the benefits of this tool, is an integral part of your return on investment.

Some people like to just figure things out on their own, but most people appreciate dealing with a person who they can ask questions and interact with. That is why we offer on-boarding and training services tailored to your company’s size and needs, to ensure your journey ahead is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

JGID Job Management Software


If your business has specific requirements around quoting, scheduling, compliance, invoicing or any of our other numerous handy features. Book a Demo and let's see how we can customise for you.

Super Start

SAVE TIME - BOOST PROFIT - Perfect for single operators or small businesses who are looking to transform mundane time consuming admin tasks and get on with doing business. 1 on 1 personalised remote training online. Estimated training 1-5 hours.

Tailored Kick Start Training For Teams

TEAM TRAINING FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY - Role based 1-on1 training via shared screens for each of your managers. Ideal for larger teams with designated roles and resposibilities. One of our friendly experts will map out the organisation and tailor a training solution to ensure information flows seamlessly between your people and departments.

Premium On-Site Training

END TO END TRAINING FOR LARGER BUSINESS - For Larger organisations who need help with change management or prefer the personal interaction with our expert trainers. 1-on1 and one to many on site training with your team 2-5 days as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Actually, we offer more than that. We go above and beyond for serious prospects, by offering unlimited users and all the live support you need, free of charge for the first 14 days of your membership.

Whilst this is not for people who “just want to have a play around with it”, Our 14 days free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that those who are serious about transforming their business can get a real taste for the bang before spending a buck.

Because we believe in our product and are confident in our service we offer you unlimited profiles, all the upgrades and all the VIP onboarding services for free for the first 14 days of your membership.

– It’s your business, your opportunity and now it’s up to you to make the most of it.
Just Get It Done!

Are there any locked in contracts?

No locked in contracts, no downloads, no hardware to be purchased. Just a monthly membership that is automatically renewed every month.

What if I want to leave JGID?

Do you really want to leave us? Just export all your lists and save any documents, then send us an email to let us know you’re going.

We’d be sad to see you go, but if you really do then we won’t hold on to any of your information or make it hard for you to get any of your data out of our system.

It might sound cheesy, but we really want you to stay with us out of choice, not because we hold your data ransom.

Once I sign up, Where will I go for help?

We offer phone & email support, a ticketing system, articles & videos and designated account managers for premium clients. Just visit our website to see all the ways you can get in touch with us or find useful resources to make you succeed.

We’ve got you covered all the way, as if we were part of your team, whenever you need us.

Do you offer on-site set up & training?

If you prefer to have a person on site, simply contact us to tell us where you are based. We will recommend you the best local partner based on your industry and individual business needs.

Where is my data stored?

All your data is 100% safe, with multiple back ups in place. Visit  https://jgid.com/security/ for all technical details.

RFID-Tracking - What is it and how can I get it set up?

Always know where your equipment is and who has last used it thanks to seamless RFID tracking of equipment using the tags and Readers in JGID.
Ideal for people who need equipment tracking history for compliance purposes like IRATA for example.

Contact us here for integration on your JGID software.

Purchase the tracking tags, cable ties, stickers and Scanners here on the JGID Shop

* Please note RFID tracking in JGID is an add on service and carries additional fees.